Computerzes… errr

Bloody computers… I come home to find my computer NOT BOOTING, Oh no. Wont boot in Safe Mode, Wahh?! Reinstall windows, there we go. Little compter act ups like that always scare me. Oh well, I’ll probably redo everything after I get a couple new components anyway.

Well, it looks like I’m about to be promoted to telesales at work. Not a huge promotion, but I wont have to work my butt off any more. Yes! More time off to do… guess I still need to figure that part out. I have a lame idea for a web site, maybe I’ll play with that and turn it into a moderately lame idea for a website. We’ll see.

Now What?

Yesterday morning I did laundry, washed dishes and learned pirates of the carabbean tunes before work… I was being so efficiant that monrning, I actually showed up to work a half-hour early. DOH! Nothing eventfull happened during the work shift. I ate lunch at Wendy’s and talked to all my old comrades; I used to work there. After closing I came home and goofed off on the internet until I bored myself to sleep.

This morning I woke up, peeked my head around the hallway corner and shouted, “GOOD MORNING MOTHER!” as my ma’ was pooring juice… it was one of those spur of the moment meschivious acts. She jumped and spilled some juice.

There and Back Again

Went apartment shopping today. It was fun, there are a couple places out there that make me realize what a dingy place this really is. It’ll be nice to move to a more permanent habitat… DSL here I come! Mwahaha! All of the resident offices had funny, un-natural(but not unpleasant) smells to them.

Hmm… oh, I noticed pictures from Harry Potter that I didn’t recognize on other peoples icons. I had forgotten about Prizoner of Azakaban coming out and promptly went to the website to downloaded the trailer. While waiting for the 12MB download(curses dial-up) I ran across the nifty Sirus Wanted poster and adapted it to a more usable format.

Me ma’ and I watched Titan A.E. and Down to Earth on my computer. Good times.


Well, I’ll try again with this life journal thing. It’s just a little wierd typing to this thing because it’s hard to know if anyone is listening. If no one else reads, what’s the point? ^ It gives me something ot do other than play Morrowind for the second time though. There is a a point. A nifty game like Evercrack(quest) only it’s single player. Better in my openion, without the social factor is makes it less addicting and therefore I’m more apt to have a real social life. In theory.

Well nothing too exciting happened yesteray, I worked. The only thing that really stands out is a confrontation withat a sales guy. It’s a complex story summed up in saying he has no reaspect for fellow humans. I don’t know how he responds to other creatures, but people are just wallets and short-cuts to him. I hope he falls in a badger hole… he’d fit, he’s small enough.

Went to Izzy’s with friends last night, I had salad bar.