MMMmm… munchyness

Exactly one week was the last time I wrote. Oh well, so far that I know of I have an audince of two or three anyway. I’m just sitting here a half an hour before work and eating a quadruple decker peanut-butter and jelly eggo(yes the waffles) sandwitch. Hey, it was quick, easy and I love PBJ. Hmm… events… well, last monday was my day off and I spent the whole day playing UT2004 and BattleField Vietnam. Yah, lots of killing friends, curses, laughing at silly bots and I watched “They Were Soldures.” Wow, that was a good movie. It was emotional too, I can’t emagine what it’s like to be in a family with soldures. My cousin went to Iraq for a little while, but that’s still a little detached. I would hear about him here and there from grandparents or a cousin. But to be a brother or dad, or son, always worrying and wondering if they’re ok. That would be tough.

Anyway, we played until aobut 4:30 am(we started about noon the day before :p) then Jesse and Ben introduced me to Trogdor, and some of Strongbads other e-mails. We laughed, then we cryed when we realized that we had to work the next day… so with burning eyes, explosions behind our lids and twitching mouse fingers Ben and I slept on the floor with a blanket and pillow(each) near the computers while Jesse got to sleep in his comfy bed. It didn’t matter though, I was out in an instant.


I just read through my past journals, it’s kind of entertaining doing that. So I descided to post again, while I’m in the mood to do so. Yesterday was phun. I went to work. Answered phones while looking up Japanese words to put on a piece of paper to learn. The call of the day was a lady calling about her monitor. I handled her ignorence, impatience, and narrow mindedness badly. She didn’t know how the make the screen on her monitor streatch to the full screen; she was the one who accadentaly put it there to begin with, she admited that. But she didn’t have an engineering degree or the time to sit there and figure out how to function the little menu with the self-explanitory icons that made a monitor slightly less sophisticated than a microwave oven. I was mummbling and grumbling and wanting to strangle something when I was done.

I got to play games and kill things last night. BattleField Vietnam and Unreal Tournament 2004 came out yesterday and Jesse wanted to try em out. We were up until 2 playing these fabulous games. He’s trying to get me to buy them for myself so I can play with his friends and him next week during spring break. If I do that all constructive spirit and responsabilitys will fly out the window… thus I am reluctant.

Now I must work. Oh yah! Payday! w00t!

More Adventurous Rambling

Isn’t it nice coming home to your own shower? You stay at other peoples houses and use their showers, and you’re greatfull for that. A persons bathroom is one of those sacred places… you don’t go in there because it’s one of two places you’re most likely to find things you don’t want to see. But the showers are always too soft, or too short, or it doesn’t get hot enough. My shower has a nosle that turns it into a pressure washer, going from that to just about anything seems like you’re rinsing under a dripping fosset.

Anyway, back to it. I got up to goto church the next morning. Made a quick stop at Freddy’s to pick up a belt and a t-shirt to go under my button up white shirt. I arrive in such a manner that I can see anyone leaving first service, and get to meet with people coming the the second. It was an interesting event. All of my old friends were a little busy. I didn’t plan with them like I did with Justin, and I don’t expect them to stop their lifes for me. I had some fun chats, eventually gave up trying to reconnect with some and went back to Justin’s. We went to a place called Tin Tin Chinese. It’s a Chinese buffette, and was really good and awsome. They even had crab and shrimp on the buffette tables. There was a sushi bar in one part, Justin told me about it after I was already full though :\ I was in the mood for trying new things. Oisters aren’t very good… they have a odd texture too.

Then we went to the mall. Visited Spencers, Software Ect., and joked and laughed. It happens that I saw Makiko there, but I didn’t know if it was her, she looked too different from how I saw her 3 years ago so I didn’t approach her. After that we went to the bowling ally and threw a round… bowling is a strange ‘sport’ for me. I start of, not good, but my aim isn’t that bad either. As I bowl I get worse and worse until I’m throwing gutter balls. After the round we went to talk Bob in the Bowling Bar. Talked and had good times. Justin had a brew, Sara a Mike’s lite. I had Sprite. Then I introduced Justin to a version of DDR that the bowling place had that didn’t let you pick what skill set you wanted! We lasted about 15 seconds before it said “YOU SUCK, GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE L00ZERZ!” Or something like that. Then we went back to the apartment and played Soul Caliber II until band practice. Loud and much better than I heard them before I got an exclusive concert as they played their line up all the way through to work some of the bugs out. 3 Day Girlfri3nd is the name of the band, check the the web site if you wanna hear. I’ll warn you that their sound files don’t do them justice, they sound awsome live.

Go home, goto sleep… not much else happened that day.

Next day I picked up Makiko Watanabe from her host familied house. As soon as I saw her I knew that she was who I saw at the mall. It’s really interesting to hang out with someone of a completely different culture. She was amazed how I chatted with strangers as they rung up items or prepaired my food. Apparently they don’t do anything like that in Japan. Of course that just made me want to show off and do it more, and sometimes get her to chip into the conversation. But they don’t say, “What’s up?” or “How’re you today?” or anything, when they see their friends they say there names and ask what they’re doing there. The only time they meet new people is in class or fellow co-workers. I think it would be fun to visit Japan and drive them all nuts with my crazy extrovertous head nods, smiles and good mornings!

Hmm… first we went to South High and walked the halls, she took pictures with her nifty little high technology camara. I don’t think we have that model in the US yet. Then we took a drive over to the park and walked around. I was worried cuz she had these little high heel shoes, I inquired about them a number of times, but she said they were quite comfortibal to her. I still don’t believe her. Then we went to the mall and ate food. She asked to goto Spencers, and I got to explain a few crude American jokes to her. Like what the difference between “a bitch” and “THE bitch”. What “Tits” mean. And other various things I never expected I would explaining to her. She was laughing the entire time, at me as much as at the witty bottle openers. I don’t think she’s as much of a good girl as her inocent Japanese persona makes her out to be.

After that I tried to make her my stylist and pick out what color shirt I should wear with the jeans I had on. I was wearing a long sleeve shirt on a hot day, and everything else I brought was dirty. Eventually she picked a plain black shirt, I think it was too much pressure for her. It was fun though. Then we went to Circuit City, she got a CD and a sun visor CD holder like the ones I have in my car. We went to see Starsky and Hutch. She said she thought it was funny, but I never saw her laugh except for the part where an oriental guy was saying that all americans look the same to him, then Owen Wilson said all orientals look the same to HIM. Not a very good movie, but it passed time by a little.

Finally we had coffee… well, she had hot chocolet and I had a large carmel mocha freeze for the drive home. We sat and talked. I learned Japanese words and asked about how she talks when she’s with her friends in Japan. All in all, that day alone would have made the three day trip worth it, but luckely I had a blast the entire time I was down there. I needed that break, it’s refueled a side of me that living in Portland dranes away and contenues to suck at ever after you’re dry. Anyway, time to goto work.

Why? Because. That’s why ;Þ

I got back from Medford about 12:30 this morning. A whole lot got crammed in to the last three days, accumilativly it can be summed up by the phrase ‘Kick Ass!’ It would make for a long story, but I’ll just give the highlights. I was proud of myself for making it to Medford in around four hours, a pretty good run for not speeding, too much. Get to the apartment of my old friend of 7 years, Justin Bullen. Sara, Justin’s GF of 2 years, is the one there to greet me. I tried finding the practice pad for Justin’s band out in the boondox’s, but no luck. Wake up the next morning to Kitty attacking my foot with razer sharp claws. It was on then, I played with the cat for about an hour before Justin and Sara woke up, my hands are decorated with about a hundred nicks and cuts now. They havn’t named their 1 year old little black cat so they just call her Kitty, or stupid, or shit-head depending on their feelings for the cat while their talking to it.

That day was filled with the wanderings of old high school days. Getting in the car and driving before we actually descide. Driving around a block a few times, getting odd looks from the locals. We eventually ran a few errands for Sara, then went to see my other family at Justin’s parents house. Had some laughs, talked of times and caught up. Then we went to meet with our ol’ pal Muttly at Abby’s. I don’t know his real name, but he made one of the greatest pizza’s I’ve tasted, The Muttly Special. Invented by him, of course. Instead of traditional tomato paste pizza sauce he uses ranch. Yes, as in the salad dressing. Top that with three cheeses, chicken, and bacon… the most filling and wholy unhealthy pizza you’ll eat, but oh so good. But I didn’t feel my arterys clogging until Jusin and I took a shot of ranch from the dipping sauce cups. Ahhh, it’s nice being around friends you can connect with again*dabs at a tear*. After that Justin and I went to Guitar Center and jammed on various instriments.

Did a few other things that would take lots of past explaining to understand their signifigance. Eventually wound up back at the house waiting for the party to start. Justin and Sara called up some friends and bought some booze. Sum up is that one person showed up with his GF. I watched them get drunk while watching American Wedding then Justin passed out in the bed and everyone else went to sleep. One of these days I’ll probably just say, “f’ it” take Justin’s bottle of Jack and chug it and get drunk. Just one of those wierd things that some how got hard-wired into my head that I’m thinking about igoring because I want find out how bad of a mistake it would really be.

I’ll tell the next day in my next update, after a shower.


I actually got a intriguing pop-up tonight. It was an IQ test, I looked at it with skeptisism… where’s the catch? Looked harmless, so I filled it out. 129 IQ! I always know I was a smartie… or is that low? I don’t think I’ve ever had a test score that high! Then again, they usually top out at 100% Who knows… oh, but in the 20% in math huh? But math is what I’m normally good at. But maybe 2 years out of school does take its tole.

They also said that I am a “Visionary Philosopher,” Like Plato my mind’s strengths allow me to think ahead of the game – to imagine… get out of my head PhD quiz makers!! Buttering me up and comparing me to the likes of a dead greek legendary d00d! Just tell me what you want!! Oh look, a button. Sure I’ll read my 15 page report, why not. AHHhh… 10 bucks huh? That’s why PHd types make the bucks. How do I know these internet dudes really have PhDs, huh? Maybe they’re just F-D’s, they arn’t kewl enough for the ‘Ph’! But it certainly sounds like a doctor to say: “We know stuff about you that you only think you already know, but we have PhD’s, so we can legaly confirm it and explain it more indepth. Fixing you will require lots of time… so, when can I schedule you’re next appointment?”

Huh? Oh, no, no… I’m not bitter… I’m just bored. Thank you for your concern for my mental and emotional well being though 🙂 I have nothing against doctors; they do make a crap load more than me. Maybe I’ll marry a doctor; a doctress would be better though, more of a natural union. Not that I’m putting down homosexuals; they can be homo all they like, just so long as they keep the sexual part out of sight. It’s their business. Tangent? Yes it is. See! I know Math! Tangents were those freaky graphs that looked like flat ‘N’s… or crooked ‘l’s.

Anywho, I’m going to read something until I pass out. Oh yah, just in case you wanna try it: Web Tickle?

Happy Leap Year Day!

What other day can you celebrate once every four years without ignoring the other three? I think they should make the leap year day a day of uber cool celebration or something… don’t know what one could do on that day… visit the beach or something. Me? I watched the Oscars and ate hot tai food with me ma and old friends. Grand ol’ time. LotR all the way, they completely deserve that and more… pitty Gollum man didn’t get recodnised, or any of the other actors for that matter.

Just before that I made a mess in my spiffy new car while making a wendy’s root beer float(frosty + root beer). I put the frosty in and was able to put the lid on… then I turned the car on. When I look back down, fizz was slowly bubbling from the straw hole in the lid! Luckely most of it ended up out side or in my mouth… There was some on the seat, I havn’t wisened up to carrying napkins yet so I made a desision to screw the pants and save the leather :p Other than that, the float was a success, not bad for 2 bucks 🙂

Before THAT I watched Head of State, with Chris Rock. Good flick. I think it’s one I’ll watch every election year. I want to get a bumper sticker that says Vote Mayz for president… I worry for where our country is going, often voting is just choosing the less of two evils. I hate polatics, my mind doesn’t grasp of all of the veriables involved very well; there’s a lot B.S. flung around there too. “Bah… go back to being a grunt, stop pondering what is beyond you, Dustin.” Yes concious… grumble mumble.