I actually got a intriguing pop-up tonight. It was an IQ test, I looked at it with skeptisism… where’s the catch? Looked harmless, so I filled it out. 129 IQ! I always know I was a smartie… or is that low? I don’t think I’ve ever had a test score that high! Then again, they usually top out at 100% Who knows… oh, but in the 20% in math huh? But math is what I’m normally good at. But maybe 2 years out of school does take its tole.

They also said that I am a “Visionary Philosopher,” Like Plato my mind’s strengths allow me to think ahead of the game – to imagine… get out of my head PhD quiz makers!! Buttering me up and comparing me to the likes of a dead greek legendary d00d! Just tell me what you want!! Oh look, a button. Sure I’ll read my 15 page report, why not. AHHhh… 10 bucks huh? That’s why PHd types make the bucks. How do I know these internet dudes really have PhDs, huh? Maybe they’re just F-D’s, they arn’t kewl enough for the ‘Ph’! But it certainly sounds like a doctor to say: “We know stuff about you that you only think you already know, but we have PhD’s, so we can legaly confirm it and explain it more indepth. Fixing you will require lots of time… so, when can I schedule you’re next appointment?”

Huh? Oh, no, no… I’m not bitter… I’m just bored. Thank you for your concern for my mental and emotional well being though 🙂 I have nothing against doctors; they do make a crap load more than me. Maybe I’ll marry a doctor; a doctress would be better though, more of a natural union. Not that I’m putting down homosexuals; they can be homo all they like, just so long as they keep the sexual part out of sight. It’s their business. Tangent? Yes it is. See! I know Math! Tangents were those freaky graphs that looked like flat ‘N’s… or crooked ‘l’s.

Anywho, I’m going to read something until I pass out. Oh yah, just in case you wanna try it: Web Tickle?

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