Dog Days

First off, a continuation of my BnB blog post. It’s a girl! Old news though; we’ve known for over a month now. Soon after she was pinned with the name Lorelai Elizabeth Jeffery. Kinda rolls off the toung, I think. Another newer thing, you can sometimes feel her kicking Caitlin. It’s not much. Little love taps… or bored taps, what have you. Aparently she bobs around in there too. Bouncing from bottom to top, back again, then both at once while sicking an arm out to the side. Lastnight Caitlin said she was tap dancing with quick little jabs. How else would she keep entertained while trapped in a bubble? lol

In other news, I got a second job. I’ll be Mr. Boarding person for Central Bark; a doggy daycare. I’ll be working the night shifts cleaning up the play area and taking care of the dogs who are staying over night. I don’t get to have a dog, or any pet, yet so this will be a welcome experience. A little different from sitting on my butt answering phones. More importantly, extra money.