Get a new and improved day! Only 9.95

Did I mention that I like my new job? Truely, yup yup. BTW, Drew Carry’s Green Screen new show on WB at 8:30 on thursday… FUNNY! I almost choked on my carrot sticks twice! If I ever put a party together or something it would be hella fun to do some of the games they play. Two people try to see who can last the longest without using words longer than one sylibal, if some one uses a two sylibal word another person comes to replace and the conversation resumes. They’re like dificult scherades, but that would make it SO fun. Everyone is just as foolish as everyone else 😉

Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy is a great book, I’m reading it for the first time; even though I have three of the books on mp3. A couple of nuclear missles just got turned into a confused sperm whale and a bowl of petunias. I think I like having it read to me by my mp3s though, the words used definately sound more natural coming from a Brit.

Anyway, I’m goign to play with my trains for a while(a puter game)

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