A Good Day

Yeah… it’s the weekend, I got payed yesterday, the hard things at work are becoming routene, the car I’ve been goggling at is still for sell, my belly is fully of pork chow maign… I’m in a pretty good mood right now. I wonder what I should do now. Gotta clean my room tomorrow… and that means doing laundry. I’m on to “Life the Universe and Everything” in the Hitchhiker Series, I’ll read more before bed… there’s always that web page that I’m playing with but never posting… maybe I’ll do that for a while.

Yeah… The 94′ Saab Aero… it just sounds cool. I think it looks like a british mafia car… $7k for a cool looking car with 225horse power. Teehee, catch me if you can. By far the best bang for your buck that I’ve seen. 53ft^3 cargo space, four door, 5 nice sized seats for carrying friends around, and it’s a MANUAL. I hate my automatic, the problem I have with my transmission wouldn’t even exist if it were a manual. *grumble*

Anyway… things are happening… maybe I’ll have something to do tonight after all. Peace out.

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