Out Of Sorts

I’m recovering from a spell of… something… not sure how to describe it. Blah. That’s about as close as I can come. The last few day’s I’ve felt an extreme blah feeling. Distant. Pulled away from things. Waiting for something to happen. Wondering what I should do. Or if I should be doing anything at all. I’m almost better now. Maybe another nights sleep or two and I’ll be good as new.

Anyway, I’m off to bed.

LAN man

Yup, the LAN party was fun. I got there at about 8:30PM and left around 11AM. No, we didn’t sleep. At all. My eyes are blood shot and they itch like mad. And here I am sitting in front of a computer again… typing. I think I am mad… as in crazy. Crazy For Feeling… or something. Just about anything is funny right now…

Family Toots

I have my dad’s Hyundai today! w00t! I shuld break my car more often (;

LAN party tonight! w00t! So much for sleeping.

Christmas was awsome! w00t! Chilled on Saturday, went to the G-parents house on Sunday. I got assualted by five little 2nd cousins… I think that’s what they would be… they’re my cousins children. They kept coming up and talking to me. I would talk back, naturally. We had conversations about spider man. And bat man. And Super man. They cheerfully accused me of being a bad guy, grandpa, uncle Nay Nay(what they call my cousin nathan), and frosty the snow man. They would sit on me, climb on me, try and pin my arms down, try to beat me up. They’re all 2-4ish age and very talkative. My father got something called Flarp… it’s like that gack stuff from Nickolodian. It comes in this little tube, and when set up properly it makes farting sounds. Naturally my dad shows this to the kids, then gives it to them to run free with it. A little later I’m sitting there in my chair and I hear a realistic tooty sound behind me. Wouldn’t you know it, there were 4 kids back there giggling as they crouched back there setting me up. LOL! I laughed so hard, it was hilarrious. Who knew that kids at that age were capable of that kind of forsighted mischeviousness. Also I got to catch up with a lot of the family I haven’t seen in ages. I was usually having two conversations at once. One with kids while I talked to a grown-up. Good laughs.

Battle at Pretzels

It’s almost christmas time… tonight there was a little party held at Jess/Heathers P.s house. Steve and Crystle were also there. It was rather fun. I’ve kinda isolated myself lately so it was good to hang out with people again. Apparently they were anxiously waiting for me before opening gifts, even tho I was too poor to even consider getting some for others. I may make up for that, but we’ll see. Anyway, it started off plesent. We started a video. I played with the dog for a while. Then war broke out… as with most wars there wasn’t really any purpose besides being the better. Tickeling fingers flung out from all directions, people were pinned and a little brused. It was a good bought. I came away unscaved. I got to know Heather and Crystle better too. Heather is ticklish under the thys… Crystol is tickelish most places. She’s one of those that flys just from anothers touch.

Anyway, can I complain about my car any more? No? Oh, ok. Then i wont mention that my brakes don’t stop the wheels. They slow them down… but it takes a good while to stop… *grumble* *grumble*

Yesterday… all my troubles seem so far away…now it looks as tho they’re here to stay…

Well, been a couple of days. I’m on book three of the book seriese I’m reading… I also am at level 10 in Morrowind. Something to be proud of, to be sure. I should get a raise for it, I think 😉

Hmm… sister came over yesterday. She and mom made stockings. I made pudding… we had spageti. It was a nice, relaxing day off.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. I almost died today. My car has this thing with the transmission where 4th gear doens’t work… rather than shifting to 4th it sifts to 1st. Anyway, I got out to get the mail today… without thinking I put the car into drive. All is fine until I get to the freeway. Bad times. Since 3rd comes before 4th, I’m going around 45 before it downshifts to 1st. So my transmission instantly over heats and locks up, which means my tires completely STOPED TURNING! I was in the second lane from the right, still not completely on the freeway of this particular on ramp, and since there was a staggering light before I got on there were no cars around me. Anyway, skidding to a stop from 45mph is no fun. Without rolling back tires you pretty much either just keep the car going the way it’s going… or spin. This didn’t occur to me as I instinktively turned right to get the heck off the road… AKA, spin we go! Amazingly I managed a 180 degree skid neatly parked on the right side of the road. I was facing oncomming traffic, but at least I was out of the way. I sat there for a couple minutes thinking about what to do… a few things popped in my head, none of them any good from the stand point of being broke and having expired tags. I turned the car back on put it in 3rd -the gear I’m supposed to use my car in- and hammered it. With a loud THUNK the transmission freed itself. I calmly turned the car around when traffic was gone… and here I am. Safe at work. 🙂

Pawn Moves On

I finished my book!! Oh Joy! Rapture! On to the next!! Four more books in this series, five more in it’s next… I have some reading ahead of me. I wanna make a movie out of these books. The characters are awsome. Maybe I should write the script when I’m through… send it to Peter Jackson. Or maybe just send it back to David Eddings to see what he thinks, since he IS the one that really counts. Authors should always be in charge of their own work. Like J.K. Rowling… they couldn’t really do that with LOTR since Tolkein’s dead(in body ;), but since it already had a HUGE following there were creative minds, artists and linguists that helped out. Such pooling in creativity is seriously lacking in most modern movies, I think. It’s a pitty, really.