Battle at Pretzels

It’s almost christmas time… tonight there was a little party held at Jess/Heathers P.s house. Steve and Crystle were also there. It was rather fun. I’ve kinda isolated myself lately so it was good to hang out with people again. Apparently they were anxiously waiting for me before opening gifts, even tho I was too poor to even consider getting some for others. I may make up for that, but we’ll see. Anyway, it started off plesent. We started a video. I played with the dog for a while. Then war broke out… as with most wars there wasn’t really any purpose besides being the better. Tickeling fingers flung out from all directions, people were pinned and a little brused. It was a good bought. I came away unscaved. I got to know Heather and Crystle better too. Heather is ticklish under the thys… Crystol is tickelish most places. She’s one of those that flys just from anothers touch.

Anyway, can I complain about my car any more? No? Oh, ok. Then i wont mention that my brakes don’t stop the wheels. They slow them down… but it takes a good while to stop… *grumble* *grumble*

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