Holy Sunday Batman!!

It’s been a busy day. Woke up, with Lindsay. She spent the night, in an innocent way. FYI, we’ve been around eachother quite a bit over a few weeks without any inter-active melt-downs. We’ve had fun times, and I don’t just mean physically. She complained about how I was venting about her earlier on in my live journal, but I never say anything good. So there you have it, something a little more personal than I usually like to give 😉

Anyway, we went to breakfast with Justin and Sara. I had this great omlette. So good. Yummy. Then we took Lindsay back to the appartment so she could take her car back home… she had to work. The rest of us went in search of the place Justin’s band, Three Day GirlFriend, was going to play. It’s this little saloon in portland near burnside. Anyway, Justin wasn’t feeling so hot, so I dropped them off back at their hotel and went home to crash myself.

A couple of hours later Jessica and Luc came over for a little get-together. We had yummy ribs and watched Patch Adams. I love that movie. After dinner I went back to the saloon where Justin and the band were waiting to set up. I sat around and talked to Sara while Justin exerted nervous energy on the Astroids machine and a beer. They finally set up, sound tested and played.

Three Day GirlFriend is a metal like band… sort of… don’t know how to classify them. It consists of Justin: uber drummer, Josh: Vocals, Dan: Guitar 1, Carrey: Guitar 2, and P..aul?: Bass. I always have troubles remembering his name because I don’t talk to him much. Anyway, they sounded pretty good. I was a little disapointed though because the sound wasn’t mixed right(I think). I wasn’t able to hear the details in the guitar or bass parts. Most of the time it just hit you as a wall of chorded noise changing in sink. Some of their songs have rad, distinked riffs; but I could barely pick them out this time around. I also couldn’t really understand what Josh was singing… but I guess that’s normal.

Anyway, now my ears are ringing like mad, I’m tired, I’m going to bed. Peace out everybody.

Horray for old friends!

Justin is coming up today. He’s my best friend back from high school days in Medford. His band is playing a show in Portland at Ash Street Saloon. Friends need to turn 21 so they can come. Anyway, it’s always a blast when Justin and I get together. It’s like we just feed off each others crazy, wierd vibe. He’s sorta like me, plays ignorent most of the time because it’s a hella more fun than being mister smarty. Just like high school. w00t!

Umm… OH! I thought of the coolest idea for a case last night. Lindsay and I were talking about designing her a case a couple nights back. Didn’t think anything of it, but she seems all excited. Last night I was feeling bored with my case so I just took a note card and drew a motherboard on it, since that’s practicly what any case would be built around. I was looking at it… visualising, then I turned it on its side. Woah. That would be tight! You could put cords anywhere on the case. I’m still thinking about it a little now and then… i think I’m a genious tho.

P.S. I’m hungry

P.P.S.S. I’m going to go eat then fly to work in my new jet-pack.

Productive Day

Yep. That’s what it’s been. Just where have I been exactly? Well, I went to a FedEx place to send a bad sick of RAM and a good stick of RAM in order to get aCorsair XMS TwinPack so I can have a happy gig. teeheehee. Having a life time warrenty is a good thing.

Next I went to the bank to get quarters. Then I went to comcast to pay my cable bill. Turns out I payed for this month and next month… that cost a pretty penny. Then it was back home to sort the laundry and put it in the washer. Then get a network cable from the living room to my room. I also placed hooks for running cable back to my moms room too. I didn’t have a cable long enough for that so I went Fry’s to pick one up. I found out Fry’s charges three times more for cables than what I can get them for from PCH Cables in Hillsboro. So I went other to Fred Meyers and picked up a wooden shelf… yes a shelf.

I went back home and modified this shelf… one shelf becomes two shorter ones. It turned out perfect. I put computer parts on the shorter one, the taller one is the perfect height for a computer bench. For fixing computers and what not. I’m very proud of it. Anyway… then I just cleaned for a while. By then all 6 loads of laundry is done. Mom and I had a deal. I would do all the shifting and taking them down and up the three flights of stairs if she would fold them. So back to my room. Then I get hungry, so I go pick up some chicken teriaki, and now I’m here. Typing a little diddy while I eat. Exciting huh?

Anyway, I still have room stuff to do. I’d like to work on the webpage some too. Back to it!

Good Morning Neverland!!!

Actually it’s 4:41 in the afternoon. I’m on my lunch break with not a whole lot to do. I went to a lady’s house to figure out some computer problems for her. I could get used to this work. People are always happy to see me. It’s great. All that’s in their heads is “YES! My computer will work!!” It’s a good feeling, I have to tell you. I met her cat too… it’s nuts. One of those cats that stairs at the walls and into nothingness. I wish I could be crazy as a cat.

Umm… saw Electra the other day. It was an entertaining movie. The fight scenes left much to be desired. The plot wasn’t presented well at all. But it did have Jennifer Garner. That’s always a plus. Some of the bad guys were pretty darn cool, too. All in all you would get more amusement from watching Alias… at least they explain what’s going on a little better.

Mmm… stew. I like stew.

Umm… Hmm… Errr…. I’m going ot go do something else now… hope you don’t mind. Bye bye


Well, I still can’t do anything to the site. WTF is taking so long? It’s been about 5 days now. Oh well, gives me a chance to read Te of Piglet. It’s the “companion book” to Tao of Pooh. Both are very good books. Anyway… nothing much else to tell. I work therefore I am. I guess I’ll update about the rest of my weekend since I have 15 minutes left for lunch and nothing better to do.

Saturday nightI got talked into heading to Monmouth at 10:30pm. Didn’t get there till like 11:15ish. Lindsay, Erin and I headed to the school loung/food/pool/huge TV with SNL on it room. We sat about for a good five minutes waiting for Erins friends to show their faces. They did show their faces, as well as their pajamas. So we all took turns poking the white ball with our givin’ sticks, trying to get other balls of various color to go into yonder hole. Erin didn’t play, she just watched. Because she was a pooper. I think we only played 3 games, no one but me wanted to play in the first place. So then we sat in the chairs next to the pool table talking to eachother. I got a little better aquainted with Erins friends-not not aquainted enough to remember their names. One was a happy girl who bought me a soda with her student card that I think her parents, or the government pay for. It was a nice gesture non-the-less, I enjoyed my 7up very much, thank you if you’re out there. She also told me about the land she’s from, over yonder hills and where it’s much colder than Monmouth was that perticular night. Erin’s friend number two talked about computer stuff more than an average girl usually does. She was entertaining as well. But alas, all must go our own ways… besides, Erin wasn’t feeling like herself. So we went back to Erins. Lindsay and I introduced her to a few known Flash cartoons. Then we went to bed. Erin in hers(even tho she said I could use her bed before I came… lier), Lindsay on the couch. Then there was me on the floor with two blankets, a pillow, and a very noisy space heater. In the morning Lindsay and I went home. I put a orange cone on Erins antena before departing.

Almost time to get back… LIGHTNING ROUND!! Went bowling with Dad, Jessi, and Luc. Then go pizza. Then go Pool. Then go home. Then go crazy! Work time! BYE!

Another day at the computer

I don’t know. I felt like updating, but I didn’t feel like explaining much. So I’ll just sum up. Worked yesterday, pretty good day. Lindsay came over after to give me ideas. They were all too artsy fartsy and would take way to much time to produce… but it gave me a couple ideas. Lindsay’s laptop(she brought it over) has this heat problem. It shuts itself off once something inside over heats. I thought I’d be helpful and get a heat-sink for her… it had this fand snapped to it, so I was prying at it with a screw driver. The screw driver slipped… now I have a nice gash from the bottom of my finger nail to my knuckle. I guess there aren’t many nerve endings in the back of the thumb because I didn’t feel a thing… it just bled like rain.

Today was spent doing various chores and errands while trying to concentrate on making pictures and pages for the website. It was hard to concentrate. I didn’t get much done. But it’s no matter, since I still can’t do anything to the domain. I need to get some sleep… have a good night everybody.