Another day at the computer

I don’t know. I felt like updating, but I didn’t feel like explaining much. So I’ll just sum up. Worked yesterday, pretty good day. Lindsay came over after to give me ideas. They were all too artsy fartsy and would take way to much time to produce… but it gave me a couple ideas. Lindsay’s laptop(she brought it over) has this heat problem. It shuts itself off once something inside over heats. I thought I’d be helpful and get a heat-sink for her… it had this fand snapped to it, so I was prying at it with a screw driver. The screw driver slipped… now I have a nice gash from the bottom of my finger nail to my knuckle. I guess there aren’t many nerve endings in the back of the thumb because I didn’t feel a thing… it just bled like rain.

Today was spent doing various chores and errands while trying to concentrate on making pictures and pages for the website. It was hard to concentrate. I didn’t get much done. But it’s no matter, since I still can’t do anything to the domain. I need to get some sleep… have a good night everybody.

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