Productive Day

Yep. That’s what it’s been. Just where have I been exactly? Well, I went to a FedEx place to send a bad sick of RAM and a good stick of RAM in order to get aCorsair XMS TwinPack so I can have a happy gig. teeheehee. Having a life time warrenty is a good thing.

Next I went to the bank to get quarters. Then I went to comcast to pay my cable bill. Turns out I payed for this month and next month… that cost a pretty penny. Then it was back home to sort the laundry and put it in the washer. Then get a network cable from the living room to my room. I also placed hooks for running cable back to my moms room too. I didn’t have a cable long enough for that so I went Fry’s to pick one up. I found out Fry’s charges three times more for cables than what I can get them for from PCH Cables in Hillsboro. So I went other to Fred Meyers and picked up a wooden shelf… yes a shelf.

I went back home and modified this shelf… one shelf becomes two shorter ones. It turned out perfect. I put computer parts on the shorter one, the taller one is the perfect height for a computer bench. For fixing computers and what not. I’m very proud of it. Anyway… then I just cleaned for a while. By then all 6 loads of laundry is done. Mom and I had a deal. I would do all the shifting and taking them down and up the three flights of stairs if she would fold them. So back to my room. Then I get hungry, so I go pick up some chicken teriaki, and now I’m here. Typing a little diddy while I eat. Exciting huh?

Anyway, I still have room stuff to do. I’d like to work on the webpage some too. Back to it!

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