Horray for old friends!

Justin is coming up today. He’s my best friend back from high school days in Medford. His band is playing a show in Portland at Ash Street Saloon. Friends need to turn 21 so they can come. Anyway, it’s always a blast when Justin and I get together. It’s like we just feed off each others crazy, wierd vibe. He’s sorta like me, plays ignorent most of the time because it’s a hella more fun than being mister smarty. Just like high school. w00t!

Umm… OH! I thought of the coolest idea for a case last night. Lindsay and I were talking about designing her a case a couple nights back. Didn’t think anything of it, but she seems all excited. Last night I was feeling bored with my case so I just took a note card and drew a motherboard on it, since that’s practicly what any case would be built around. I was looking at it… visualising, then I turned it on its side. Woah. That would be tight! You could put cords anywhere on the case. I’m still thinking about it a little now and then… i think I’m a genious tho.

P.S. I’m hungry

P.P.S.S. I’m going to go eat then fly to work in my new jet-pack.

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