Latest Summerly Wishes

I logged on to AIM today and guess who was online. You’d never guess because I don’t mention her much. It was my wonderful cousin Susan. I haven’t seen her online since December some time. And thank goodness she’s ok! She’s been on this Semester at Sea cruise thing, which is why she hasn’t been online. Apparently there was some bad weather, and her ship got smacked some horrible weather. The link tells you more than I could. I’m just relieved she’s safe. She was in Vietnam on a virus infected computer while we were talking.

Anyway, right after she was done queing me in on her side of events she asked me if I was still planning on going to New Jersy this summer. I had all but forgot about it in her absence. Now I’m totaly re-amped about it since she seems so eager. I haven’t seen her since I was four. She lives on the other side of the country yet I still talk to her more than any of my other aunts, uncles or cousins. My hopes are actually for more than a visit though… I’d like to try and getting a job in NYC and at least stay the summer until Susan goes back to school. Take a motorcycle and a subway… get mugged(j/k)… that sort of thing.

Anyway, I’m off to do other things now.

I’m a meany head…

Hi… I was in a pretty irritable mood when I got to work this morning. I’m not sure why. I’m just in one of those moods where I don’t wanna deal with other peoples stupid B.S. This poor asian guy on the phone got some of that. He wasn’t listening to what I was telling him to do, and kept repeating the same things over and over as if my mental powers would magicly press all the keys for him. I finally just said, “Look, I’m sorry you can’t figure it out. If you wanna return the product, you have 15 days from the date on the reciept.” I felt bad after that… normaly I’m pretty good at keeping my cool. Espesialy when it’s a customer. I almost told another guy to just stop talking… I actually mouthed it at my computer while puting things in. He didn’t see me.

So, I think I’m just off my groove today. I’m in one of those, “Ask me something, you get what you get.” Sort of moods. I’m really not in a bad mood. It would just seem that way when you require me to do your thinking for you, then you fight and argue with me the whole way. I’m a pretty patient person… but damn, that’s annoying.

Speaking of work… I’d better go back to it.

Wednesday, Earlier Morning

Got up at 8 today… that’s about an hour or so earlier than normal. Laundry is being done so I can have clean cloths for work today. We’ll see if they get dry in time… no good driving for a half hour in wet cloths.

Anyway, it’s been a pretty good weekend, I’d say. Saturday night I took mom to Red Lobster as sort of a be-lated/something nice to do in the first place thing. It’s her favorit restraunt, and it’s been a long long while since she’s been before. So that was a nice sirprise for her.

Sunday I… what did I do sunday? Oh yeah! I went to Brian and Drea Fergasons house with my mom. Brian showed me his new toys and projects, as usualy. We took a ride in this old beater truck he got for next to nothin. He’s dubbed it, “Bubba Truck.” It’s a grey 88′ Ford F-150. He’s fixing various things that are wrong with it and in the mean time uses it to freight things to and from Drea’s plays.

Monday was nuts at work. Crazy nuts. I was really busy all day long. It was actually pretty kewl because I was the wanted man… which kept me busy until 7:55 PM… normaly I’m leaving around 7:15. I only took a 40 minute lunch too…

Monday night I popped by Lindsays house and took a shower. Then we teleported ourselves to Erin’s house. By teleported, I mean that I drove while Lindsay rode in my awsomely Peugeot. Laugher. Erin sitting on her computer. Joy. Erin still on her computer. More Laugher. I managed to bring Erin’s roomie, Kristin(sp?) into conversation every time she walked in the room. It’s always fun scaring… I mean meeting new people. Lindsay and I shared a blanket on the floor… for a while… then I just had a pillow to put over my feet because Lindsay is a blanket hog. blither blither…

Tuesday not enough time for tueday… I need to ge to work soon. It always seems to come to that, doesn’t it? Anyway… played Mario Party, watched Office Space, went out for Chicken Teriaki when Erin came back. Picked up… Crystol? or is it another Kristin? to many ka sounding people in that place. Pick up my car, went to watch Erin roxor the bowling lanes like only a lefty bowler can. Then Hugs and tears Lindsay and I left. Lindsay’s house, hung out for a while. Went to my house to have some pizza and watch a movie. No movie was watched, but it was an entertaining TV show. Lindsay goes home. I goto bed. Now I’m here… waiting for my cloths to dry….. I hate waiting.

Long time no update!!

Hello one or two! I’m at work… bored off my gored… or would it be goard. Who knows. Anyway… I have a lot of shtuff going on in my head right now. I’m working on the next phase of updates to my web site. I’m playing Final Fantasy 7 through again… and I may go through it a second time to copy down the basic script… then I’m thinking about making a little story out of it. “Why?” you ask. Because I like the story alot and I think it’s worth telling.

I also have this crazy idea that people aren’t going to have a clue what’s going to be happening in the movie since, based on previews, there’s a lot of reference to the back story. Thinking back on Final Fantasy: Spirits Within, the movie Squaresoft (now Square Enix) made a few years ago, I think the whole Gia philosophy that’s hooked into the story makes it hard for people to relate to and enjoy. They didn’t develope too much on the characters… the whole philosophy thing sorta took over. This time around the characters are already very well established, and there’s a lot of action and eye candy to fill up the space. I think that getting the story out would help alot in the character development… dunno… it’s really teedious so we’ll see.

Anyway, I’m over my break time… laterz


My computer is out of commission… in a good way… I’m supposidly getting my new memory tomorrow. I gave back the temporary memory because I need the money to register my car. That leaves me with my second computer sitting in it’s place in all of it’s crappy slowness. I couldn’t get it to work on the internet this morning either, hope I can fix that tonight… or I’ll end up bored. Or playing the piano.

Anyway… I saw a Lotus Elise today… wicked sick looking car. It’s so small too. I don’t think I could fit in it. But yeah… it was pretty.

Anyway… uhh… you rock. That’s all I have to say about that…


Yesterday I did a whole lot of nothing. Not as much nothing as Lindsay did… but pretty close. I did my taxes, obviously from my last post. I also did the laundry. My weekly excersize of taking three loads down and up per trip. I also went shopping for a couple food stuffs. Other than that I played Final Fantasy VII for about 8+ hours. I also poked around with my idea for a case… and played with the cat a little. Oh yeah… I got the first two pages of the FF7 song I’m learning on the piano memorised. Still not fluid… but that just takes practice. w00t! Piano is fun.

Anyway… my fellow employee is waiting patiently to get on this computer… so I’m off to mental never land while my body stays here to work.

Taxed memory

I OWE on my state taxes!! *shakes fist* It’s only 30 bucks… and I’m getting around $200 federal… but still.

Computerish rant coming on:

I also called Corsair Memory today. Apparently they just sent out my memory today. 3day UPS. But I’m irritated. I sent in that memory two weeks ago as of today. It takes three days to get there. The guy who e-mailed me said it would take 48 hours. The forums say it would take 72 hours. Giving the memory time to get there and weekends, that’s 7 days. 168 hours as they like to put it. WTF!? I don’t mind so much… but I want my MEMORY DAMN IT! You don’t tell someone that the thing they’re looking forward to will happen in this time… then take double the time to accomplish it. It’s just cruel. Anyway… I’m taking back the RAM I have in my compter now because I need the money… so I’ll be without my baby for a couple days. I’ll be using a crappy machine in it’s stead. My computer will be back friday night… I hope…