LJ Update, PDX Edition!!!

Yeah, last weekend was teh PDX LAN!! It started on Friday, and I went over there after work. And after I installed some new fans and cables in my computer. Anyway, it was crazy kewl. I already knew what to expect because I’ve been there before… same location and everything. Yeah, there were about 430 computer gamers there doin’ their thing. Almost all had case mods. Lots of glowing lights. Jesse, John and I sat near the back of the room, opposit side from the stage. It was dark and cold there because they have the AC cranked… 500 computer put out a lot of heat.


I played a couple new games like Coll of Duty(CoD), and the infamous Counter Strike(CS). I mostly just played Unreal Tournament 2004(UT2k4). I was in the UT2k4 tournament too. I played Legolas in the first round… oddly enough the person used a female skin… and when I met him after the match he was a well rounded fellow. Nice guy. It was a pretty close match. He definately didn’t make it easy for me. He kept picking up the Flak Canon, my weapon of choice. So I had to settle for the lighning gun and shock rifle… long range precision weapons. Unfortunatly for him my aim was on. I beat him 24 to 21.

Next round I played Chaos from the PDX clan. I got totaly pwned. I think the score was 40 to 3 or something when the server died. I had fun though. He was one of the best there, so I knew he was going to destroy me. I was happy to get him a couple times… and I stayed alive pretty long when he spotted me. I just couldn’t cuz through his armor… witch he always had a lot of.

Anyway, fun stuff. Jesse, Jon and I went to the hotels pool and hot tub to wind down. We ended the night with some UT2k4 CTF InstaGib. That was crazy and fun too. I know that all of my non-gamer friends will have a hard time even carring about what happened at the LAN. I skipped alot. I plan to do it all again in august though… 1000 people! That’ll be great!

Work time… peace!

No money week!

What do you do for lunch when you have 3 business days before pay check, you’re bank is ~$100 in the hole; and you have $6 on your person for gas and food until you get payed. AND you feel like alians sapped your energy durring the time you were supposed to be restoring it because they need the precious energy to feed their space cacti…

Day one: Buy bean beef burrito’s, 10 for 2.50. AND a Monster energy drink to cure the alian drain syndrome

Day two(Wednesday): Eat more bean burrito’s from day one… drink water. Hope it’s someone elses turn to feed the cacti. Steal the large bin of pop bottles from work… cha ching! Gas Money!!… like $5, but it’ll get me to work and back a couple times.

Day three(Thurs): Laugh at day one and two as you eat the rest of the bean beef burrito’s from day one.

Day four… doesn’t matter, I get paid. w00t! PDX LAN here I come! Yeah, I have been playing Half Life 2 a little bit. Ok… it was an 8 hour occupation yesterday… soooo pretty and the physics engine is SO much fun!! I like throwing things… at things… and blowing them up. hehe

Back to work! TA!

So much shtuff…

welp, back at the work again! For some reason my computer at home doesn’ lure me like it usually does. I get on, and I don’t have a clue what I wanna do. So I just go watch TV. I’m sure it’s just a temporary phase though.

There was a strange thing tuesday night… I went to check me yahoo e-mail, the one I use for my space. There were 13 invites! All hit me within’ an hour… wtf? I think they’re friends of this band that invited me to a show in portland, I responded to the invite about two weeks ago.

Ohh crap. A system just walked in… I think it’s a guy who wanted a modem installed, but didn’t tell us he wanted it until he got home and realise it wasn’t there. lol. oh well.

Early Starts with Not a whole lot to do

Yup, sunday morning. A day off, and I just got done nuking my computer. I erased Windows XP Home and installed Windows XP Pro. My computer is running so much sleeker because of it too. Nothing like a computer off a fresh install.

Anyway… now what? Did I mention that I’m driving legally now? I finally got my tags; 6 months after they’ve been expired. Good times. Umm… I’m gunna go now… bye!


Hello, just sittin here on lunch again… sippin’ on a Bawls. I know, I know, that just sounds wrong. But see the website… www.bawls.com. Every other gamer on the planet talks about it, so I thoguht I’d try it. It’s not that bad… I don’t know if the caffeen is kicking in or not.

I went to Lindsay’s monday night. We had a tickle fight that ended with an elbow to my eyebrow. I was about to start up again when she noticed that my eyebrow was swollen like hunchback of nortor dam. I put some ice on it. Gave her a hard time about it. It’s not swollen any more… it just looks like I have a black eye. My boss actually thought it was make up, lol.

Anyway… Lindsay and I went to see Rachel last night(tuesday). Rachel is a old friend from High school. She’s actually the one that introduced me to my good pal Justin. Anyway, we went to some mexican restraunt. Rachel has this thing about alcohol. She always talks about it as if it’s the greatest thing on the planet. She’s been 21 for six months and she’s still ranting and raving about all the drinks I should try and blah blah blah. I have a few friends like that. Anyway, Rachel and I had magaritas. Times three. One of those had an extra shot in it. It was pretty funny cuz the waiter guy gave us one of those for free because it was my first time drinking magaritas. I think he was trying to get me a llittle tipsy. No worky. All it did was make me more tired than I was before.

We went back to Rachels place, and I finally get to meet Travis after all the years of Rachel talking about him. We watched Napolean Dynomite again… I swear, that movie gets better every time I see it. I so want to learn Napoleans dance moves… lol. Anyway, Lindsay was dong a good job of taking in Rachels hospitality in beverages. She had 5 beers and one and a half magaritas… the half one was realy strong. She got pretty damn funny… and she likes to dance alot when she’s like that. She swing danced and goofed around. So did Rachel and Travis. It was fun. In the end I drove Lindsay home. Good times had by all.

Now I’m here… late to getting back to work… and I don’t care because it’s FREAKING SLOW right now. NOTHING to do. Oh well… off I go anyway…