Hello, just sittin here on lunch again… sippin’ on a Bawls. I know, I know, that just sounds wrong. But see the website… www.bawls.com. Every other gamer on the planet talks about it, so I thoguht I’d try it. It’s not that bad… I don’t know if the caffeen is kicking in or not.

I went to Lindsay’s monday night. We had a tickle fight that ended with an elbow to my eyebrow. I was about to start up again when she noticed that my eyebrow was swollen like hunchback of nortor dam. I put some ice on it. Gave her a hard time about it. It’s not swollen any more… it just looks like I have a black eye. My boss actually thought it was make up, lol.

Anyway… Lindsay and I went to see Rachel last night(tuesday). Rachel is a old friend from High school. She’s actually the one that introduced me to my good pal Justin. Anyway, we went to some mexican restraunt. Rachel has this thing about alcohol. She always talks about it as if it’s the greatest thing on the planet. She’s been 21 for six months and she’s still ranting and raving about all the drinks I should try and blah blah blah. I have a few friends like that. Anyway, Rachel and I had magaritas. Times three. One of those had an extra shot in it. It was pretty funny cuz the waiter guy gave us one of those for free because it was my first time drinking magaritas. I think he was trying to get me a llittle tipsy. No worky. All it did was make me more tired than I was before.

We went back to Rachels place, and I finally get to meet Travis after all the years of Rachel talking about him. We watched Napolean Dynomite again… I swear, that movie gets better every time I see it. I so want to learn Napoleans dance moves… lol. Anyway, Lindsay was dong a good job of taking in Rachels hospitality in beverages. She had 5 beers and one and a half magaritas… the half one was realy strong. She got pretty damn funny… and she likes to dance alot when she’s like that. She swing danced and goofed around. So did Rachel and Travis. It was fun. In the end I drove Lindsay home. Good times had by all.

Now I’m here… late to getting back to work… and I don’t care because it’s FREAKING SLOW right now. NOTHING to do. Oh well… off I go anyway…

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