WoW! I Haven’t updated in forever

Yeah… in case some wondered, I’ve been incapacitated for the last week and a half because I’ve been playing an MMOG. Masive, Multiplayer Online Game, fyi. World of Warcraft(WoW), I’ve been exploring the land of Aseroth with my Elf Druid. Leveling up, meeting new people, having lots of fun… dying. That’s why I haven’t logged onto AIM or MSN. It’s not just the game tho. I kinda needed to escape reality for a while. Too much to think about at once. Doing that sorta cleans my mind of things. I’m taking a night off tonight, then I’m just going to play for an hour or four each night after work. Meh.

Nothing to tell about work… it’s work. Not a whole lot else has been going on. Maybe that’s another reason for the game…

Anyway, back to work