Dun Dun DUUNNN – The Plot Thickens

The plot going on in my damatic work environment. “ENU of our lives”… more like “Young and teh Restless”. Sum up of previous episodes:

About a month ago Richard just kinda decided that he didn’t wanna work here any more. He walks out in the middle of his shift. He was just sick of the BS. Pretty much having every priority (Customers, displays) as his first priority. I started at the same time he did. He did just as good as I did in sales and in other areas. I just had more experiance in showing a boss that I can do this and more. While he’s stuck in sales I’m off doing systems, learning RMA, and updating our website. He should have been given more to do, more responsability… but he didn’t. My boss has a thing against ppl some times. It’s wierd… it’s not really personal… some-how he just gets it in his head that someone isn’t good enough or something. Oh well… moving on.

A week later Jay, the manager I took over for, wrote a nice little letter saying that our boss is a n00b who doesn’t respect his employees as people and spends money on silly things… like another store in Tigard that gets a grand total of four or five customers in a week… two of those ppl actually consider buying something. We here in Hillsboro, a store that does get customers, he pays his employees the same as Wendy’s down the street. And he wonders why employees never stay with him for more than a year. In the words of Napoleon Dynamite and one of Jay’s favorite quotes, “GOSH! Frickin’ Idiot!”

This was past doings. It’s happened. We got a replacement for Richard. I’m a replacement for Jay… at the moment. He say’s he’s working on a replacement for me. What’s funny is that there are four people hoping to up and fly away with-in the next month or so.

Two sales people; one of which has been here longer than I have yet I made more than him when I was a sales rep. WTF? I’m not complaining, but he has a right to.

The head of RMA has already started an interview process with Wells Fargo. After he leaves mas chaos will ensue probably followed by me getting thrown into RMA head first without knowing what’s going on. Ironic. This has happened before. Six months ago, actually, when the last RMA guy took the nearest hypogriff outta here to work on his own retail company he started behind ENU’s back. LOL!

And I have taken the next step to moving on as well. I just scheduled to take my Microsoft Certification exam Tuesday August 9th. Wish me luck! Upon passing I should have a bigger better job after a few weeks. JOY! Rock ON!

BTW. Batman is da bomb yo!

Harry Potter and the Unhappy-WTF Ending

Um… I’m going to talk about it inside. So don’t goto my responces unless you want spoilers and stuff. K? Thanks a million.
I bought it Saturday night, finished it last night… this was not a happy book. Then JK had to go and give us a “To Be Continued” Ending. Like a TV series, the other books plots and storys kind of stand on their own. Not so with this one… it left me with a “WTF I want my ending” feeling.

Not sure exactly what else to say actually. Kinda wierd knowing what’s going to happen in the next book tho. Sure, there will be twists and new environments and what-not. But it’s pretty much layed out.
-No Hogwarts(as a skool) next book? What’s with that? How’s Harry going to go from a weak little punk who had no hope of landing a spell on Snape?
-No Ginny Included? I don’t believe that for a moment, I’m guessing that she’ll be one of Harry’s “Love Influences” that help him go nuts and show Lord Vovo how powerfull love is. Go get em Harry.

There better be a really big long happy ending next book! I’m going to work and brood some more.

Happenings n more

Busy weekend. Sat. I get of work hoping to goto a BBQ with old friend Rachel. She went to the beach and descided not to check her phone till she got back. Feeling looserish and set asside I watched Con Air on my computer while talking to Lindsay and AmyS online.

While talking to AmyS we found out that we we’re both loosers who don’t get out much. After talking we descided that Sunday night we would try to do something and that I would call good pal Jesse.

I call good pal Jesse the next day too see what he was up too. “Swimming with AmyII but I’ll see what Ben is doing so we can hang out later.”

AmyII is different from AmyS. AmyS is a girl Jesse and I met at Fry’s and Jesse persuaded to go out with him for a while. AmyII is a friend of Jesse’s and they just recently became infatuated with eachother… well… actually I think that Jesse is more infatuated in her than her him. But different grls express their feeling in different ways I guess… doesn’t matter really… me just being anilitical again… back to the happenings.

Later that day Jesse gives me a call and tells me the plan is all hunky dorry. I’m stuck as a talkative buffer between Ben and the occasion that Jesse and AmyII forget others are around. Leaves me in a perdicament with AmyS tho. That’s not really a situation where I think she’d have much fun. But I said I’d hang out that night. After some weighing and figuring I called AmyS and left a message saying to give me a call when she got off work and we could figure something out. This would give me a couple hours to hang with Jesse, and I wouldn’t ditch AmyS.

So I went to hang out with Jeese and company. Had a grand time of swimming in the Wilamette. Getting uckey slimey mud flung at me… playing with Tess, Jesse’s dog.

OH, the greatest point of the night. We were on AmyII’s dock eating while we rested. There was cheese, salomy and bread. Tess was begging like a dog, go figure. I took a peice of meat and her puppy eyes looked at me. Well, I go to tease the poor dog but slowly putting it in my mouth… then I just start sucking on it so she can still see it. AmyII says, “What are you doing, looking for a kiss?” That’s funny, I laughed. Then I threw the peice of salomy I had in my other hand at AmyII. Without really thinking about it, she deflected it right at Tess. Like a freaking Jedi the dog doesn’t even seem to take her eyes off me… she just tilts her head to the side and “CHOMP” caught the meat in her mouth. It was amazing!

We packed up down at the dock. We played frizzbee for a while… way fun with the poor dog running inbetween everyone… she was just walking after the f-bee in the end. She was exausted. Things went down hill and we started doing fighter poses and rolling around while throwing/catching the f-bee. After that we went up to Jesse’s house, had cheese cake and watched 4 episodes of Firefly.

AmyS didn’t call me back… she didn’t get the message until later. So I worked monday. Then we both had today off, so we went to OMSI and saw the spiffy magic show/displays. Had fun with that, OMSI is always a good place to kill time and have some laughs. Then we went to Charlie and the Chololete Factory. Interesing and strange movie. I liked it because of Depps char… very quotible and off the wall. It gets an ‘alright’ in my book.

AmyS and I parted ways and now I’m here… tired and ready to sleep. Good night.


I’m writing this post in notepad right now.
“But Dustin, why ever would you do that?”
I’ll tell you why my inquisitive friend. I now have dial-up. I decided a while ago that I was going to cancel cable so I can save some money (~$50/mo). I stopped paying the bill two months ago and just waited for them to shut me off. I’m going to pay them back, naturally. But I’m not getting cable back until I get a new job.
Dial-up is SO SLOW!!
“How SLOW is it?”
It’s SO SLOW that it takes me two or three tries to log into most sites, including Live Journal. LJ has been having problems when I had cable… hence why I’m writing first and logging to post after. I tell yuh. I don’t know if my ADD can handle this…

Meh, it isn’t that bad. I just have to do other things with my life. Such as reading. Or learning the piano. Or eating… I’m fairly fond of that one sometimes… but I’m not much of a recreational eater… so I just eat with the focus of getting full.

Anyway… nothing else really to tell. Work is work. Same Shtuff Different Day. Only I’m doing it in the Portland store… because manager Jash wants me to build systems fast like them. Mainly I’ve been doing sales over there tho… go figure.

I want a new job
I Want a new job
I Want a New job
I Want A New Jorb!!!!!

I just clicked a link. I think I’ll go to the theater and watch a movie… maybe it’ll load by the time I get back.


B L A H !

You know somethin’? Girls make life complicated. Well… That’s a pretty general statement… I don’t know 99% of the girls on the planet… and even less about life in it’s entirety.

Yes, it has to do with Lindsay. I don’t want to go into it… it’s a VERY long story and I think I come out being the ass in the end. I feel guilty, even though I probably shouldn’t. She really seems to love me… even tho we Just Don’t Work together. We’ve tried. I’ve tried…

Luckily I have a funny friend at work who found something to lighten my day. In World of Warcraft there are emotes. /cheer makes your character let out a cheer. /train makes your character go “WOO WOO! Chuga Chuga” with motions and everything. /dance makes your character dance. This video has the dance of female night elfs. Alizee is the artist here and the dance is going on when you see her in black. She does this little dance with her waist and her hands. It’s more of a “Wow, look at her move” than a “Wow, yeah take it off baby.” It’s WAY sexy… but not dirty at all. It makes every guy in eye shot go 8^D I’m telling you girls… if you could move like her you could get the eye of ANY boy. All you would need is an excuse; so it doesn’t LOOK like you’re trying getting their eye. Makes it more interesting for us when we think we’re the first ones interested.

What is it about the female body that makes guys like that? Just certain things you girls can do that make us go, “Dahhhh…. teehee. Girls rule.”

Anyway, I’m off to something else now.

Experaments of teh mean kind

Some ppl may or may not have witnessed my social experaments. The one most often performed is on what I like to call “The Sub-concious Mother”. For Example:

At work there is a lady in recieving named Mary. She’s an older woman, 50+ and she has this itching urge to tidy things up. Some times I’m not even sure she KNOWS she’s doing it. Like while I, or a fellow employee, unpacks a box and get peanuts on the floor. As soon as we wheel the product out of the area Mary comes over with a broom. Out of curiosity I woud take a single peanut and put it back on the floor where she just cleaned(While she’s not looking of course). EVERY time she comes in the area she’ll pick up. I’ve done it with just one up to about ten or so. She doesn’t say anything. She doesn’t look at me wondering what’s going on. She just continues to clean the same spot. So currious.

Example two:
Rachels house. On a nifty table with pictures and such on it there is a dish with a cadle in the middle. Around that candle on the dish are some of those flattened marbles. They’re red where everything else in her house is white. When I get bored and I’m wandering around I take to putting one or two of these little flattened marbles in a rondom spot. Like above a door frame. Above her cabnets. So on. Rachel is a little smarter than Mary is… she knows it’s me and she scolds me for it. I don’t do it to the point she gets pissed. She and Travis are good friends, I would like her to keep inviting me over. For some reason I just find it so interesting that this would disturb people so much.

Well, back to work… hehe… 😉

Happy July 6ths!!! I guess… or something… n stuff

It’s been an interesting weekend. Lets see, when did it begin? Saturday after work. Yes, I’ll start there.

I went over to Rachels house. FYI, Rachel is a friend whom I’ve known since I was a freshman in high school. She came up to me and asked if I wanted to be in a band with her and this drummer guy named Justin. Anyw00t Dude, she got a Dell. And a shelf to put it on. And some tiki lamps that Travis(her BF of long time) was setting up.

So the guys got put to work, Travis on those Tikis followed by a dryer problem. I set up the shelf then got her computer happy and online. I popped a couple beers in the process. I’m not a beer drinker, but it seemed like one of those occasions.
We later watched Sideways, a worthless movie that kept me wishing it would get to a point. Any point. Sure, it had some funny parts, and it kept me interested. It pretty much reminds you of those crappy things in life you already knew. It got late, and I got to sleep on the futon.

Wakes up, hang/goof off for a till about noon when someone descides to make b-fast. With orange-champaign. I think that any alcohol that early is bad for me because my head was pounding the rest of the day. After b-fast and Die Hard I went home. Shower and rested mom and I go to portland for that blues music thing. I dropped mom off and went to Powells to do some reading. Half an hour of figuring out where I should park. Then finally I’m in the store and find where the damn books I want are. I sit down to read and keep falling alseep. LOL!! So I gave up and tried to find my way back to the water front. Another half hour of driving around I parked on the other side of the river for free and hiked a couple miles to the starbucks where mom was. I got a caffinated drink, walked over to a grass patch and fell asleep. Wake up drowsy and disoriented, we hike back to the car and drive home. I don’t remember much after that… I think I just slept some more.

I have two more days off to go over… but now I have to work. Horray for waisting time!

Sad Good Byes :.(

There was once an adventurer named Riva. He once quested too and fro across Azuroth. Healing guildmates, friends and strangers. Random moonfire pillars here and there to add some damage. But now he has lay down his dagger an left that world never to return. A moment of silence please.

I deleted my main char in WoW tonight so I might focus on my real goals better. No one told me to do it. Not directly anyway. It was entirely my own thought process. I put 4 months into something, it’s only natural that you get teary-eyed when you have to sacrafice it for a greater good. I feel light headed… and meloncoly. The friends I made. Diving Guardians, my guild. All the goals I strived so hard to achieve in that world. The mount. A set of wild leather armor. Gone. SHIT!

Anyway… that’s over, I hope it will be worth is damn it! I’m going to bed.