Sad Good Byes :.(

There was once an adventurer named Riva. He once quested too and fro across Azuroth. Healing guildmates, friends and strangers. Random moonfire pillars here and there to add some damage. But now he has lay down his dagger an left that world never to return. A moment of silence please.

I deleted my main char in WoW tonight so I might focus on my real goals better. No one told me to do it. Not directly anyway. It was entirely my own thought process. I put 4 months into something, it’s only natural that you get teary-eyed when you have to sacrafice it for a greater good. I feel light headed… and meloncoly. The friends I made. Diving Guardians, my guild. All the goals I strived so hard to achieve in that world. The mount. A set of wild leather armor. Gone. SHIT!

Anyway… that’s over, I hope it will be worth is damn it! I’m going to bed.

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