B L A H !

You know somethin’? Girls make life complicated. Well… That’s a pretty general statement… I don’t know 99% of the girls on the planet… and even less about life in it’s entirety.

Yes, it has to do with Lindsay. I don’t want to go into it… it’s a VERY long story and I think I come out being the ass in the end. I feel guilty, even though I probably shouldn’t. She really seems to love me… even tho we Just Don’t Work together. We’ve tried. I’ve tried…

Luckily I have a funny friend at work who found something to lighten my day. In World of Warcraft there are emotes. /cheer makes your character let out a cheer. /train makes your character go “WOO WOO! Chuga Chuga” with motions and everything. /dance makes your character dance. This video has the dance of female night elfs. Alizee is the artist here and the dance is going on when you see her in black. She does this little dance with her waist and her hands. It’s more of a “Wow, look at her move” than a “Wow, yeah take it off baby.” It’s WAY sexy… but not dirty at all. It makes every guy in eye shot go 8^D I’m telling you girls… if you could move like her you could get the eye of ANY boy. All you would need is an excuse; so it doesn’t LOOK like you’re trying getting their eye. Makes it more interesting for us when we think we’re the first ones interested.

What is it about the female body that makes guys like that? Just certain things you girls can do that make us go, “Dahhhh…. teehee. Girls rule.”

Anyway, I’m off to something else now.

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