What a beautiful weekend this was!

It’s been a short-crazy weekend. Don’t know how much I’ll get in, I’ll try to keep it too the point. It started Thursday night while I was at work. Jessica called me and asked if I wanted to take off THAT night because Luke wanted to get away from it all ASAP. Of course I said ok. So I scrambled all my things together in about a half an hour, causing me to forget all my toiletries and a number of other things that made me go, “Oh yeah.”

Got to Cascadia park about 10pm and set up camp in a single camp site. In the morning we broke down camp enough to put the tents on top of the car and let Jessica drive while Luke and I rode on the trunk holding the tents. We drove over to where the group camps were and figured out where we were supposed to be and pitched up. More people moved in… then we moved camp again to be closer to family we knew. It turns out that 109 people showed up. There were a couple friends and foregn exchange students, but the vast majoraty were descendents/relatives of my grandpa and his two brothers.

Friday I helped others set up. Sat around talking and joking with family. Went down to the bigger water hole with Dad, and Lisa(dad’s GF). COLD. We swam up to the shoots, were the rapids shot out a stream of water deep enough to swim in. Went back and Jessi/Luke were coming down. Swam around a little more. Went up and ate chicken/potato salad/grapes in the g-parents trailer. Dad’s cousin Jerry came with her new hubby John. We played Pigs and Chickens, a dice game Luke bestowed on the family. It was my first game, and I won. Yippy me! Then Jessi, Luke and I hiked to ‘the cave’ which turned out being more of a rock face that sloped inwards. We followed the trail the rest of the way to the cliff and hiked down, across the river and into someones back yard… so we hiked back with a little light to spare. It was a good day 🙂

I’m going to stop here… I’ll pick it up later. Nighty

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