Just a lazy Sunday. The only productive thing I have in mind is touching up my resume. I’ll be meeting with my new boss Tuesday. I must accentuate my assets.

My leaving has put my work into turmoil. It’s flattering and satisfying at the same time. Flattering because while working at this place I never got the feeling of being a necessary piece of the what makes things tick. From the owners point of view I’m just another one of the peons with more responsibility. Now that I’m leaving things are falling apart and I see what I really mean to the company. It’s satisfying because of the owners’ blindness to what his workers mean to him. How he treats them will reflect on how they treat customers. If, in his mind, they’re only there to fill the hole and to get a paycheck then they aren’t going to have much pride for their position/company, are they? *shakes head* I’m done babbling about this.

Maybe I’ll get creative with myspace later…

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