Clean and suave to down and dirty

Yesterday pretty much rocked. I went to an interview at 10:00 for NW IT Services. I met with the big boss, who was acompanied by my contact on the inside. It was an interview you’d expect from the kind of business it is. I think he tried to see if he could scare me because it’s ‘So much work’ and ‘there will be times when you don’t know the answer and the customer is going to be pissed at 2 o’clock am.’ Pretty much I’ll be on-call 24/7 in case certain companys have a server melt down. I’m like a super hero, lol!

Whiney office guy: “Tech guy! The sever crashed and our company opens in five hours!”
Me: “Have no fear, my friend. I’m on my way.”
Whiney office guy: “You saved the day again Tech Guy! You’re the greatest!”
Me: “All in a day’s work… hey why are you here at 2am anyway? Get a life! noob!”

Or something… anyway, it’ll be a sweet deal. A real job that will make real money and give me a lot of really good experiance. The only way to go is up!

After that short little interview I went to help my brother-in-law put a clutch in his Geo Metro. Well… as far as we got was getting the transmission OUT of his car.

Note to self: front wheel drives are a pain in the @$ to work on. I’m still dirty from all that grease and crap.

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