What a beautiful weekend this was!

It’s been a short-crazy weekend. Don’t know how much I’ll get in, I’ll try to keep it too the point. It started Thursday night while I was at work. Jessica called me and asked if I wanted to take off THAT night because Luke wanted to get away from it all ASAP. Of course I said ok. So I scrambled all my things together in about a half an hour, causing me to forget all my toiletries and a number of other things that made me go, “Oh yeah.”

Got to Cascadia park about 10pm and set up camp in a single camp site. In the morning we broke down camp enough to put the tents on top of the car and let Jessica drive while Luke and I rode on the trunk holding the tents. We drove over to where the group camps were and figured out where we were supposed to be and pitched up. More people moved in… then we moved camp again to be closer to family we knew. It turns out that 109 people showed up. There were a couple friends and foregn exchange students, but the vast majoraty were descendents/relatives of my grandpa and his two brothers.

Friday I helped others set up. Sat around talking and joking with family. Went down to the bigger water hole with Dad, and Lisa(dad’s GF). COLD. We swam up to the shoots, were the rapids shot out a stream of water deep enough to swim in. Went back and Jessi/Luke were coming down. Swam around a little more. Went up and ate chicken/potato salad/grapes in the g-parents trailer. Dad’s cousin Jerry came with her new hubby John. We played Pigs and Chickens, a dice game Luke bestowed on the family. It was my first game, and I won. Yippy me! Then Jessi, Luke and I hiked to ‘the cave’ which turned out being more of a rock face that sloped inwards. We followed the trail the rest of the way to the cliff and hiked down, across the river and into someones back yard… so we hiked back with a little light to spare. It was a good day 🙂

I’m going to stop here… I’ll pick it up later. Nighty

Interview and movies…

The interview wasn’t any biggie. I was fashionably late because I didn’t know where it was. I walked in, a guard took my name and put me in a little room all alone for four or five minutes. I was greeted by this hulking guy with a tatoo on his arm. He took me into a seperate office and another little room with a table and some chairs on either side. He did what all interviews seem to do; have me describe some pickel that came up in the past; then how I delt with it. Or ask an unexpected question so he can see how fast I think on my feet. I did very well, actually, and they offered me a job on starting next Monday. I said, “Are you going to pay me more?” They said, “uh, no.” So I said “Then no, but keep me on your list so you can look me up if you’re ever in a bind.”

That was that so I went to Fry’s and got Sin City. That was such a bizzar movie. The story lines were entertaining, but nothing special. It was extremely violent, true to Tarenteno’s past works. I absolutely LOVE the whole style it carried. The detective monolog of sights, feelings and hunches. Then the way they screwed with the color, or lack there of. The way they did it made objects, structure and character stand out like plain old color could never do… that I know of. You see what the directors want you to see.

We also ended up watching The Increadibles and Finding Neverland. Both of those were good movies too. I hadn’t seen Finding Neverland before, so that was a treat.

Anyway, my eyes are burning from looking at a TV to long, I’m going to bed.

Preps and Interviews

I have an interview with Stream tomorrow. It’s a place that does tech support over the phone. They called me two weeks ago, but I was so focused on getting my MCP that I just ignored it. BUT then they called me again last Thursday(11th). I thought it was odd for a company to be so presistant to obtain a peon.

Maybe it’s Brian’s contact on the inside pushing them to contact me so Brian will stop bugging them. Maybe they actually like my credentials. But it made me curious so I’m going to their interview to give them a chance. They’re at a disadvantage though because I have two contacts on two seperate occasions that say that this employer is crap. On top of that the Stream lady on the phone quoted me $9/hr, only a few dimes more than what I make now. They also have benufits… but chances are that I’ll be looking for a professional job before those beny’s even kick in.

It’s so bizzar walking into an interview, head held high, knowing that I can tell them, “No, thanks; I have it better where I’m at. Oh BTW, you might want to do something about your reputation.”

Anyway, I’m going to go fiddle with my bike. Need to get it ready for the family reunion this weekend 😉

A Reunion and Stuff

I’ve been preping my mind the last couple of days for the encounters and pokings and pickings I KNOW that I am going to get from my father and grandfather. I don’t see my fathers side relatives much any more since the seperation, which I’m somewhat ashamed to say that I’m somewhat glad for. For some odd reason when coming back from my grandparents house I sometimes end up feeling crappy and worthless unless I prep my mind for the questions and accusations that will be thrown my way. See, my grandpa sees himself as a financial success of some sort and anyone who hasn’t become such deserves to hear what he thinks you’ve done wrong and what he thinks you should do to fix it. Since departing my mom, my dad has taken residance and advice from my grandpa putting his head down and just trucking along. It seems to have done him okay except that he’s picked up my grandpa’s nosey disposiontion. This usually ends up making him look like a retard and I come out flustered that I can’t explain myself to him. So I end up feeling as though my father and grandfather think me a failure.

This time around I’m deturmined not to let it get to me and to keep on doing what I know I need to do. I’ve spent to long trying this and that, going off of what I think other people want me to do, or what other people think would be good for me. I’ve done it over and over. Taking the majors I did at OIT. Trying to push myself through college after OIT left me hopeless and lonely because mom and everyone else says that a college education is the way to go. I’ve done it with a number of other things, but my college life is the biggie.

I know that it’s all my doing. I made the choices. I signed up for the classes. I said yes to this or that. I don’t blame anyone but myself for leading me on that wild goose chase. I have no clue what I should have done differently. Maybe I just didn’t try hard enough. Maybe I’m just a big baby who doesn’t like doing what I don’t want to do for longer than a month. Whatever. All I know is that I have a system and a philosophy/spirituality that IS working for me now.

I’m babbling… sorry… lol

…… Yawn……

I’m normaly not a big fan of TV. Last night suprised me though, the Discovery Channel had back to back episodes of Mythbusters followed by Top Gear. If you haven’t seen these shows you should, and you will see why they’re so FREAKING COOL!

Mythbusters is a show that does exactly what the title emplies. These two guys that normaly do special effects for TV/movies take on myths and tall tales to see if such a thing is realy possible. Last night they took on the myth that if your in an elevator and it happens to FALL you might have a chance of living if you jump just before you hit the ground. So they got an old elevator working and rigged a test dummy named Buster to jump 6 feet before the elevator hits the bottom of the shaft. And they dropped the elevator! Boom! Buster’s toast.

My favorit episode so far has to be them proving there is no way to beat the breathalizer test(mints, drinking mouthwash ect, one of them ate a raw onion!). I also liked the one where they tested what house hold appliances are most likely to kill you if you bring them to your bath with you. Plugged in, of course. They tried it with plan water, then with a small amount of urine since that’s what would conduct. Then with bath salts… teehee… poor buster. And they hooked up flash powder to a fuse thing so if it was leathal it did a nice little pyrotechnic. Oh, and how can I forget when they proved that there’s no way you can “Blow someone away” with any kind of hand gun. Like in the movies, someone gets shot with a pistol and goes flying back… they hung a dead pig and shot at it with various hand guns, shotguns, machine guns… at one point they were ALL shooting at the poor pig carcas with weapons of their choice. Then in true mythbusters style they blew it up some how…

Top Gear is a nifty car show. It’s british, witch makes it infinately cooler. Last night they had a race… one guy had a Ferrari of some sort. Two guys had to use public transportation and an airplane. They were racing form their studio in London to see who would get to the Alps first! The Ferrari takes of in the middle of the night, by morning it’s off the farry in the main land. The other two guys were still waiting for their plane. Well once they were on the plane they bypassed the Ferrari and landed in Spain. But they had to take a train and two buses to get where they were going. In the end the Ferrari won by less than 10 minutes! Who would have thought!?

Last episode they bought an old POS toyota truck… ’80s I think. Not in great visual condition, but it rans just fine. They drive it down stairs. Scrape it agains walls a bit. Then they take it out to the beach, tie it down and wait for the tide to come in. Well, the truck gets bucked off the lines and they have to wait five hours before they find it on its side half eaten by sand. They tip it up right and have a mechanice tinker with it for about 45 minutes. NO SPARE PARTS. They start the truck, ROFL! and drive to the next location. I big old field in the middle of nowhere. They get it going 65 and drive it through an old shack. Then they get a crane and drop a camper trailer on it. Then get a wrecking ball and smash the crap out of it. Then… then… they set it on FIRE! It still ran… :O!! Then last night… hehe, rofl! NO way! They put the truck on the top of a 30 something story sky scraper that was being demolitioned. Down the truck goes with the rest of the building. Still no spare parts, the mechanic tinkers… after a while you hear the starter really trying hard. Then the engine RUNS! And the gear box still works! It drives!!! ROFL!

I failed. The certification test that is. ~40%, It royaly kicked my butt. I figured it would go down that way, but that didn’t keep me from hoping and wishing I was a crazy cool computer psychic. Can’t say I’m not disappointed and slightly pissed. But I accomplished the point of why I signed up for the test, finding out Microsoft really wants from me. Ironicly, it’s experiance. I need to have experience working with the stuff before they let me get experience working with the stuff… One of those circular logics.

If the test were about cars, say, Toyota’s. Insead of just asking you where the starter is and identifying it… it would ask what size wrench it would take and where the bolts are on a certain model. Basicly, its info you would only care about if you ran accross the problem once before. I need to get my hands on a $399 operating system so I can install it and screw it up and fix it over and over. OK. I’m done talking about it… bastards…

I went and played basketball at a park today. I got winded and sweaty just from shooting around by myself. So outta shape. Guess that’s kinda the point, though. At least I can still dribble and shoot okay. After a couple nights I might find a game somewhere, start meeting friends and pwning some n00bs. lol…

In other news. My friends at work want me to hurry up and get a new job, so I can get cable and come back to World of Warcraft. lol. One even offered to buy the game for me once he got a new job. hehe. Peer pressure rocks!

In other other news… Cake is coming to town September 6th. The band. Hell yeah! I’ll only go if I can find a friend, such as my friend Justin.

My Life is Floating in an Ocean

Well, this morning I got up and watched things on the TV that eat blood. Bugs, leeches, a couple bats that looks eeriely like the scrab things from Half Life. Mom made breakfast while I started my studying and watching a show on the Hajai… the huge muslum gathering. Waffles and eggs and bacon, Oh my! It was good. A good start before going into my room and staring at a book.

A most odd thing has happened to me over the last couple of days though. As I walk up on what could considered the equivalent of graduation I find myself remanising alot. My life here in this area back in middle school and elementry school nine+ years ago. How everything changed when my family moved to Medford three days before I started my freshman year. My sorry attempts at obtaining a college education. Then some things that have been long forgoten and berried. My dreams to be a basketball player. Friends I once had here that slipped away when I moved.

Anyway… I better get back to the book.