Tee… teehee… heheteeheteeheehee

Yes, that’s right. I am going to rave about a video game again. And for good reason! Because it’s going to be GREAT!!!! OMG! It’s incredible. The videos. Must see videos to understand. I had goose bumps and shivers… but it is cold in this room… damn steam heaters… *shakes fist*

Anyway… yeah. The game. Oblivion. Cool. Awesome. Fantastic… or it will be all of this. You can pick up ANY object in the game. It has shadows. If you hit it against wood or metal or stone it makes sound accordingly. You can trip swinging/falling/sliding traps by throwing the object at whatever triggers such. If it’s something like a chain or rope it will move realistically as if there was actually gravity. Things like grass and foliage will sway depending on what way the wind comes from. If you get hit with a sword you stager back based on the amount of mass that was thrown your way. The realism in the game is breath-taking.

The computer characters have the same level of depth and complexities. Like talking to each other about world events. Buying/Stealing/Hunting to eat at certain times of the day. Petrifying their dog when it’s being annoying. You can tell jokes or boast of great deeds to make them like you more. You can persuade them to do what you want by threatening them… or taunt them if you want them to throw the first punch, which makes killing them legal. Lips move. Eyes move. Cheeks move. EARS move if they’re of the cat race(Kajit). The cloths hang from their bodies. They’ll run if they’re afraid or maybe grab better weapon from their fallen comrade so they have a better chance.

This is an exciting time in the video game world. All this can be run on the best computers of over a year ago. Now processors have the potential of taking in twice the information. 64-bits instead of 32.

n00b Processor 101!!!

Think of a large Viking ship… you know… with the big guy drumming a rhythm while a bunch of guy’s row with those long ores.

I’ll start with the drummer guy. He represents the speed of a processor, usually shown as Hz. This is pronounces hertz and it means x times per second. Then you can use the metric system to figure things out. A KHz is a Kilohertz, a thousand beats a second. A MHz(mega) is a million drum beats a second. A GHz(giga) is a billion drum beats per second. This is how most people usually rate a processor. A lot of people call it ‘power’ but it’s really just speed. The more times those ores swing the more work is done. Our ore-men/women never get weaker, but they do heat up. Too much heat will kill the poor people. That is tragic because then you have to buy a new processor πŸ™‚

The number of ores pulling the ship along is the other side of it. Well, right now most programs(call them cargo boxes) are made for processors(ships) with 32-bits (ores) pulling the cargo along. The cargo can vary in mass depending on the task at hand; the bigger the project the more these guys have to work to move the heavier ship along right? Right. There you go, a very generic example of why minesweeper does everything (loads, responds, closes) faster than… uh… just about anything else you can use a computer for.

Well now we’re able to make ships with 64 port holes for 64 ores. Twice the power. Only problem is that those cargo boxes made for 32 ore ships rattle around in a big 64 ore ship. So 32 of our ore-people have to go hold the old cargo box and keep it steady… heh, a handy way of saying the programs only work in 32-bit. So these new processors, from a stand point of us consumers, aren’t really running any better than the old ones. Well… they are… but that’s has to do with complicated things… like how the ship cuts through water and how deep it is and putting mermaid on the front to egg the ore-men on.

The point is that our computers are going to be able to carry twice as much weight for each drum beat. If our computers are able to simulate gravity, weather, mass, weapons, shades and shadows all at once on a 3D plane displayed in 2D NOW… what’s still to come?? Creating things on an atomic level rather than a skelital structure and add mass as you go. Talking to your computer in real time. “Computer! Find all the bread stores in the area and give me the one with the most posative coments. Post their menu, directions and a map in my car.” :O How freaking wierd would that be?? Then I have to make up a cool response too… “It finished before you called my name… you humans are so predictable. Life don’t talk to me about life… here I am, brain the size of a planet and I’m telling some carb crazy human how to find a store. How depressing. I think I’ll go persuade the cat to stick a knife in the power outlet…”

I’m going to bed… soon… night

I’m Back

Well, I’m finally back on the internet again. In a social/recreational way. Updates eh… a ton has happened in the last little while. The whole moving in with my Siblings, out of my mums house, and trying to keep stable from my works POV. It’s been challenging at times.

I was able to cram most of my stuff from the master bedroom and the living room of my old place into a little room at Luke and Jessica’s. There’s stuff everywhere but it look suprisingly tidy, I think. You can sorta tell that a computer dork resides here.

Oh, last weekend mom was moving her stuff out of her house and into a smaller place in the same complex. So we got a truck to help with moving the big things. The truck belongs to the Fergasons and it’s name was Bubba. Bubba truck is a Ford 150, early 90’s I think. A 5-speed manual beast with a streight six engine. Let me tell you, this truck was so much fun to drive. For some reason I found it HILARIOUS. I wouldn’t stop talking about/to the stupid thing. lol, just ask Luke. Yeah, I want one πŸ™‚ The fact that it was a manual made it a hundred times better. It added to the authentic Bubba feel. I came back to my car and out of habit lifted my foot before starting the engine, “WHERE THE CRAP IS MY CLUTCH!? I HATE THIS THING SO MUCH!” Almost time for a new car… almost.

In other news I take my certification test again a week from monday :/ I’m scared. My boss wanted me to take it sooner rather than later. I think it may be one of those things that if I don’t get it I may be fired. No pressure right? *Gulp*

Umm… I like candy. Dun dun dun. Dun dun.

Yeah, I’m in a loopy state of mind… I just reloaded three computers, two of which are mine… one of which is being a pain in the back of my eye socket that I can’t itch. Wine wine wine… where’s my cheese?

alive and kicking

Well, I’m moved in with Jessica and Luc now. Saturday was a tiring process. Luc and I had to move pretty much everything. My back is still sore from that damn table they bought Sunday… 180lbs of chairs, table and random sized bolts. Ok, it’s not a damn table. It’s actually a very nice table. I can sit at the chairs and my feet barely touch the floor. It’s huge. I love it. It’s almost like sitting at stools, yet now quite. But mom is moving all her stuff this weekend, I hope my back is up for it :/

Work isn’t going so hot, I think. I really don’t know. I’m probably fine. But it just seems like half the stuff I touch I eff up on. When you’re trying to impress a new employer and everything you do no matter how you try comes out a least a little off. It’s frustrating. Like a computer I rebuilt. I swear, it worked after I set it up and tested it and walked away. Then last night I hear it’s broke. Discouraged and pissed at my own inadequacy I was driving home from our company meeting and Misty (a fellow employee/my supervisor) calls and tells me the printer switch I set up that day stopped working. “You’re ****ing kidding me.” “I’m sorry,” It actually sounded like she felt sorry for me. lol.

It’s tough. Every other job I’ve had is a simple skill set. You have this, this and this. After a couple weeks you have it down as if you’ve known your whole life. Wendy’s, Fry’s, Home Depot, ENU. Easy stuff. I start out as a n00b, but I try and I get it in a couple days. Then I fit right in. Here I keep screwing up and having to learn through it. There’s probably an infinate number of scenerios that I can run into. There’s a file in some wierd place that I didn’t know to backup. There’s a setting I skimmed over because I was in a rush, or I thought it wouldn’t matter. GAH! It’s been two months, or nearly that… and I’m still not sure if it’s working. But I’ll keep at it until they fire me. I’m not too worried, if they do I can get hired somewhere else within a week or two. But this job is so good, I’m not giving it up.

In other news… we’re getting cable next weekend πŸ˜€

Erin and her coolness

Body: Body: September has ended and it is time to wake up. In the song, Green Day says that 7 years have gone so fast. Seven years ago, it was Fall 1998. Take this quiz, post the results, and see how much things have changed since then.

7 years ago…

  • How old were you? 16
  • What grade were you in? Sophomore(10th)
  • Where did you go to school? South Medford High
  • Where did you work? I think this is when I JUST started working at South Medford High fixing computers
  • Where did you live? Medford
  • How was your hair style? Same as now pretty much
  • Did you wear braces? Look at my teeth now… no they’re still effed up
  • Did you wear contacts? No
  • Did you wear glasses? Nope
  • Who was your best friend? Justin
  • Who was your boyfriend/girlfriend? Umm… I think this was 6 months before Amanda
  • Who was your celebrity crush? lol, I don’t know… 10th grade… umm… who cares.
  • Who was your regular-person crush? err… I think I had a thing for *blank*, even though I never talked to her. I’m lame, even shy about it now :/
  • Were you a virgin? yup
  • How many piercings did you have? zero, still zero
  • How many tattoos did you have? none
  • What was your favorite band? probably Rage Against the Machines
  • What was your biggest fear? don’t remember
  • Had you smoked a cigarette yet? still haven’t yo.
  • Had you gotten drunk or high yet? nope
  • Had you driven yet? I had my licence, what you think?
  • If so what car(s) did you use? The yellow pickup
  • Which of your pets were still alive? a crap load of cats
  • Which members of your family were still alive? :/ My grandpa, but he had altimerz and asthma
  • Which members of your family were not born yet? Talor, Lilly, Tye, Joe, Bryce, and… uhh.. sstarts with a J… Alisha’s new baby

More Updates

Well it looks like the apt complex is going to let us stay. On top of that they have a one bedroom apt opening at the end of the month, and they’re going to let mom move in without any deposit or anything… which means all that really needs to be payed for is the rest of this month and the outstanding bills. I can get an advance on my paycheck, which will make it so money will be ok. Forgot about that πŸ˜‰

It’s perfect. Mom gets to keep the cats and stays on the same side of the world as her new job(Home Depot.) She can also maintain herself once her paychecks start coming. She doesn’t have to impose on Molly. I get to move out… I could stay if I wanted… but I don’t really… I want to get a social life… Jessi and Luke pay less for rent and they have more friends/hookups than mom has when it comes to places to go and hang. I’ll also be closer to Rachels side of the world, which should prove interesting. She’s always calling at weird hours wanting to go get a drink… freak. πŸ™‚ I’ll be farther from my central work area… but meh. The way my job works I’ll be going out every which way anyway. Plus, I like driving… even when I’m cursing at the traffic. lol.

Boy, these starbucks mobile hot spots are great. I went out to washington to install a printer and they’re like, “AHH! GO AWAY UNTIL LATER!!” So what do I do? Starbucks… goof around and catch up on my homework. Nice.

Oh me, Oh life

Since I said that I had to remember where I heard it… so I looked it up. I’m glad I did. It’s Walt Whitman rehursed through Robin Williams as Mr. Keating… so this is where the quote appears in my memory:

KEATING: Now, many will argue that nineteenth– century literature has nothing to do with business school or medical school. They think we should read our Field and Pipple, learn our rhyme and meter, and quietly go about it our business of achieving other ambitions.

He slams his hand on the wall behind him. The wall booms like a drum. The boys jump and turn around.

KEATING: (defiant whisper) Well, I say drivel! One reads poetry because he is a member of the human race and the human race is filled with passion! Medicine, Law, Banking-these are necessary to sustain life-but poetry, romance, love, beauty! These are what we stay alive for. I read from Whitman. Oh me, Oh life of the questions of these recurring. Of the endless trains of the faithless of cities filled with the foolish… skipping… What good amid these O me, O life? Answer: That you are here- That life exists and identity That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.”

I don’t have the wit or patience for poetry… poetic words usually just stare at me from the page and I only get the most general meanings. Then I see someone else’s passion and give it another try… still don’t see it. Like Sir Benedick, I was not born under a rhyming planet, nor I cannot woo in festival terms. Much Ado About Nothing πŸ™‚ See now, I get plays. They are less cryptic. As are movies… bringing me back to Dead Poets Society. I love this movie… it puts this whole deep writing thing in a way I can get into. Depressing ending :\ But that just increases the urge to rebel against that mind mold saying a persons life is about achievment… and that’s the point.

w00t! Carpe Diem! Seize the day! Make your lives extraordinary!


Well the deal with last night is this:

The friend that mom was supposed to stay with wont let her keep her cats, on top of that she doesn’t really want mom there period (this is coming from mom). Mom doesn’t want to be in a place where her friend doesn’t want her to be there so that option has flown out the window. She, apparently, doesn’t have any other friends to go to. What she was initially talking about was packing up the cats and going to Medford, showing up on her mom-in-laws doorstep. Even though she hasn’t talked to her in three years… bah.

Now on top of things I just realized that the apartment complex hasn’t taken out half of this months rent… which I gave them a check 5 days ago. So I’m $350 shy of what I thought I had last night. CRAP! Right now our last ditch effort is to find another smaller place that my mom can afford to maintain and I’ll pay for it initially… with money I’ll have to borrow… I hate that. I already owe my dad for the last two times… I intend to pay him back fully. What’s depressing is that the only time I get around to calling him is when I’m in this kind of trouble….

…off thought

It’s not as tho I don’t think of my father. It’s just that I want good things to be happening when I talk to him. I’m getting a new car. I’m moving out. I had a really great day/week at work. I usually hold out until the good things happen then I can tell him. But often times shit hits the fan and I pass on calling him or I’m forced to call and ask for help. I don’t know how my parents did this on such a constant basis with my grandfather. I would cause physical harm to myself before I asked for money from my grandpa… he has a way of making you feel even more wretched than you already do when you appear to be irresponsible with money.

…on thought

on top of this, I didn’t have such a great weekend at work. I effed up and did some things stupidly. I have to suck it up and learn from my mistakes. As if I don’t have enough to think about… I only got a few hours of sleep last night too… oh me. Oh life. If it wasn’t hard it wouldn’t be worth while, right?