You should go see Serenity. And then tell everyone you know to go see Serenity, and make sure they carry it on. Give em your money! They need to start up the series again!

The movie was awsome. No, you don’t have to see the series to appreciate the movie. But it does help you laugh at some of the characters finer qualities if you know their history. My group of friends were giggling through most of the movie… it was kind of annoying actually because sometimes I couldn’t hear what was said next. But yeah, I love the more western than usual feel. I haven’t really seen a fastest gun in space since Han Solo in “A New Hope,” but Mel does it on a regular basis. His timing for it is great too. Makes it half funny(because the guy didn’t see it coming), and half ‘OMFG! Woah!'(because I didn’t see it coming). Yeah. Go see the movie. I’ll go with you! Will travel! lol, maybe.

Anyway.. I’m going to go make an iglu or something. Have a nice day!


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