More Updates

Well it looks like the apt complex is going to let us stay. On top of that they have a one bedroom apt opening at the end of the month, and they’re going to let mom move in without any deposit or anything… which means all that really needs to be payed for is the rest of this month and the outstanding bills. I can get an advance on my paycheck, which will make it so money will be ok. Forgot about that 😉

It’s perfect. Mom gets to keep the cats and stays on the same side of the world as her new job(Home Depot.) She can also maintain herself once her paychecks start coming. She doesn’t have to impose on Molly. I get to move out… I could stay if I wanted… but I don’t really… I want to get a social life… Jessi and Luke pay less for rent and they have more friends/hookups than mom has when it comes to places to go and hang. I’ll also be closer to Rachels side of the world, which should prove interesting. She’s always calling at weird hours wanting to go get a drink… freak. 🙂 I’ll be farther from my central work area… but meh. The way my job works I’ll be going out every which way anyway. Plus, I like driving… even when I’m cursing at the traffic. lol.

Boy, these starbucks mobile hot spots are great. I went out to washington to install a printer and they’re like, “AHH! GO AWAY UNTIL LATER!!” So what do I do? Starbucks… goof around and catch up on my homework. Nice.

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