alive and kicking

Well, I’m moved in with Jessica and Luc now. Saturday was a tiring process. Luc and I had to move pretty much everything. My back is still sore from that damn table they bought Sunday… 180lbs of chairs, table and random sized bolts. Ok, it’s not a damn table. It’s actually a very nice table. I can sit at the chairs and my feet barely touch the floor. It’s huge. I love it. It’s almost like sitting at stools, yet now quite. But mom is moving all her stuff this weekend, I hope my back is up for it :/

Work isn’t going so hot, I think. I really don’t know. I’m probably fine. But it just seems like half the stuff I touch I eff up on. When you’re trying to impress a new employer and everything you do no matter how you try comes out a least a little off. It’s frustrating. Like a computer I rebuilt. I swear, it worked after I set it up and tested it and walked away. Then last night I hear it’s broke. Discouraged and pissed at my own inadequacy I was driving home from our company meeting and Misty (a fellow employee/my supervisor) calls and tells me the printer switch I set up that day stopped working. “You’re ****ing kidding me.” “I’m sorry,” It actually sounded like she felt sorry for me. lol.

It’s tough. Every other job I’ve had is a simple skill set. You have this, this and this. After a couple weeks you have it down as if you’ve known your whole life. Wendy’s, Fry’s, Home Depot, ENU. Easy stuff. I start out as a n00b, but I try and I get it in a couple days. Then I fit right in. Here I keep screwing up and having to learn through it. There’s probably an infinate number of scenerios that I can run into. There’s a file in some wierd place that I didn’t know to backup. There’s a setting I skimmed over because I was in a rush, or I thought it wouldn’t matter. GAH! It’s been two months, or nearly that… and I’m still not sure if it’s working. But I’ll keep at it until they fire me. I’m not too worried, if they do I can get hired somewhere else within a week or two. But this job is so good, I’m not giving it up.

In other news… we’re getting cable next weekend 😀


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