I’m Back

Well, I’m finally back on the internet again. In a social/recreational way. Updates eh… a ton has happened in the last little while. The whole moving in with my Siblings, out of my mums house, and trying to keep stable from my works POV. It’s been challenging at times.

I was able to cram most of my stuff from the master bedroom and the living room of my old place into a little room at Luke and Jessica’s. There’s stuff everywhere but it look suprisingly tidy, I think. You can sorta tell that a computer dork resides here.

Oh, last weekend mom was moving her stuff out of her house and into a smaller place in the same complex. So we got a truck to help with moving the big things. The truck belongs to the Fergasons and it’s name was Bubba. Bubba truck is a Ford 150, early 90’s I think. A 5-speed manual beast with a streight six engine. Let me tell you, this truck was so much fun to drive. For some reason I found it HILARIOUS. I wouldn’t stop talking about/to the stupid thing. lol, just ask Luke. Yeah, I want one 🙂 The fact that it was a manual made it a hundred times better. It added to the authentic Bubba feel. I came back to my car and out of habit lifted my foot before starting the engine, “WHERE THE CRAP IS MY CLUTCH!? I HATE THIS THING SO MUCH!” Almost time for a new car… almost.

In other news I take my certification test again a week from monday :/ I’m scared. My boss wanted me to take it sooner rather than later. I think it may be one of those things that if I don’t get it I may be fired. No pressure right? *Gulp*

Umm… I like candy. Dun dun dun. Dun dun.

Yeah, I’m in a loopy state of mind… I just reloaded three computers, two of which are mine… one of which is being a pain in the back of my eye socket that I can’t itch. Wine wine wine… where’s my cheese?

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