>:( GAH!

I’ve just hit a major bump in this moving thing… I need to work something out with my mom. She’s put me in a difficult place, AGAIN. That’s all I’ll say for now. I’ll bring it up later after she’s done ignoring it for her day of rest and we’ve talked about it some time tomorrow.


My job isn’t all that fun right now. A fifteen hour day thursday. A ten hour day today(saturday). And those aren’t counting the time it takes to get up and shower and drive to where the hell ever I need to go. Bah… whateva. I want money more than free time anyway…

You know something that’s popped up in my head… ever since I started getting the possibility of this job actually. How coincidental and weird life can be. Here’s the chain of evens that lead up to this:

-Graduate Highschool
-Goto OIT and like a n00b I choose a dual major that I have no experience in. So basicly I volenteered a few grand to get my ass kicked by a college in the most depressing city I’ve lived in. Why would I do that??
-Because if life was better I wouldn’t have gotten a job offer from my uncle Mike landscaping
-We landscape for this Intel employee named Phil. Nice guy, knows computer stuff. Blah blah blah
-I try school again… I couldn’t work landscaping while schooling, so I get a jorb at Wendy’s in Newberg.
-My sister graduates around here and comes up, so the parents come up as well and I move in with them in Tualatin forking out some dollars to help out (*cough*DEPOSIT*cough*)
-The owner of Newberg Wendy’s also owns Wilsonville Wendy’s
-Hey, there’s Fry’s… hmm… I think I’ll apply.
-Work at Fry’s, enter Jesse.
-Fry’s tells me to bend over. I give them the finger. My other hand is shaking the hand of a Home Depot manager.
-Jesse, Ben and I look into goin to PDX LAN. I want a fancy new mouse and go to extremes to get it. In my search I discover ENU, and that they’re hiring.
-Guess who shops at ENU… Phil, the guy I landscaped for. His new job needs peons to mold and shape into super techs
-I just so happen to have the right amount of training to make this work… what are the odds?

Recently my father up and out of the blue moves to freaking Chicogo. I wont go through his story, but it’s wierd too. Things just fit together. Mom randomly got a call from an old high school buddy who lives on the coast. Now, nothing has happened there… but mom has always wanted to live on the coast… I wonder if something will happen. We shall see.
I was going to go into a philosophy tangent… talking about God and fate and karma or whatever. I deleted it because I was shooting a fly with a shotgun… or maybe it’s the other way around… whatever… I’m tired.


Heh, this is a funny little thing I ran into on myspace. Funny enough to show again!!
Creation: IRC chat room style

//server stats::log on/EARTH::admin status granted::GOD:://
god: omg
god: this is *bleep*ing gay
*god makes light
god: omg its good
*god makes more shit
god: omg its good
*god-NICKCHANGE: god-bed
*god-NICKCHANGE: god
god: k im lonely
/adam joins server::EARTH
adam: omg animalz lol
god: omg who d *bleep* r u
adam: lol dood im man in ur image
god: k
*adam-NICKCHANGE: adam-away
*god takes rib from adam-away
*adam-away-NICKCHANGE: adam
adam: omg wtf
/eve joins server::EARTH
eve: asl
adam: 26/m/e
eve: kewl cyber?
adam: k
eve: holdon ima get sum fruit
/Satan joins server::EARTH
Satan: sup
eve: omg who r u
Satan: eet frute k?
eve: k
god: omg wtf
god: fuxing noobs
Satan: lol ur a noob
god: stfu
/eve has been kicked from::EARTH-admin message-(omg pizzpwnt)
/adam has been kicked from::EARTH-admin message-(omg pizzpwnt)
/Satan has been kicked from::EARTH-admin message-(omg pizzpwnt)


You should go see Serenity. And then tell everyone you know to go see Serenity, and make sure they carry it on. Give em your money! They need to start up the series again!

The movie was awsome. No, you don’t have to see the series to appreciate the movie. But it does help you laugh at some of the characters finer qualities if you know their history. My group of friends were giggling through most of the movie… it was kind of annoying actually because sometimes I couldn’t hear what was said next. But yeah, I love the more western than usual feel. I haven’t really seen a fastest gun in space since Han Solo in “A New Hope,” but Mel does it on a regular basis. His timing for it is great too. Makes it half funny(because the guy didn’t see it coming), and half ‘OMFG! Woah!'(because I didn’t see it coming). Yeah. Go see the movie. I’ll go with you! Will travel! lol, maybe.

Anyway.. I’m going to go make an iglu or something. Have a nice day!