Court aint so baaad :)

I got up bright and early this morning to make sure I made it to the courthouse on time. So I get to a parking garage that I thought was relatively close (10 blocks) and I’m running a little late. Get there, there’s a metal detector of course. Pull out my pockets… hey look, a leatherman:

“That’s not going anywhere, is it?” I said.
“Nope, we’ll make a claim just talk to this guy when you’re through.”

No problem. Ok, time to wait in line. These lines are the most boring things in the world. The only thing to keep you entertained is looking around and eavesdropping on other people’s conversations. Let’s play CIA agent!

– There was a really attractive brunette three people behind me in line… huge ring on her finger tho. I suck at random pickups anyway.
– Guy behind me short, spiky hair, leather jacket, stands with an attitude. Probably feels he has something to prove to the world.
– Poor guy at the window had a few violations in the last few months, probably get his license suspended. Looks like the girl behind the window is laughing at him, only her eyes and movements show it.
– The Mexican couple a few places ahead got to the window, their kid dropped a toy on the ground. If they forget it I’ll pick it up for em. Apparently they can’t make payment, so they have to goto room 130 and set up a payment plan of some sort. The girl who was helping the guys above was eavesdropping on this conversation while he filled out a form. Looks like she almost harped in, but the answers the other lady gave seemed to satisfy. Oh, the man two people behind me picked up the toy and put it in the stroller without them even knowing. Nice guy. He ended up going to the teller next to me to pay the ticket for his daughter in the hospitol. This time the girl DID harp in saying that the girl had to sign the paper. Poor guy, has to go get the signature and come all the way back again. Damn politics.

I can go on like this for a while. Sometimes I’m astounded at how much useless shit I can remember, but then I end up forgetting stupid little things… like where’d my pen go? Probably fell outta my pocket in the car :/ I got the girl I mentioned above; I just kinda walk up and slide my ticket under the space in her window. “How do you plea?” She asked. She looked a little annoyed at me, probably didn’t do something up to spec. Should have said hello. “Guilty.” I said. “Do you want to see a judge? He may reduce the fine.” “Does it ever hurt to see a judge?” “No.” “Sure, I’ll see him then.” Fill out forms, and I go wait in a courtroom.

About a half hour of waiting the judge walks in. Traffic cases are probably the easiest ever. They each take 5 minutes or less. When it was my turn I plea guilty. “Do you have anything you’d like to say?” “Well, the only info that may help my situation is proof that my siblings got insurance that very night, before I got home.” He comes up and looks at the card. “They probably had it impounded and had to pay around $200 to get it out.” “Yu.. Yes sir, I helped them with the money a few days after. He takes the card to a copier and says “If the company validates this you don’t have to come back to court.” “Uh… thanks.” It took me a few minutes to realize he meant that I didn’t have to pay anything. w00t!

That was fun. I should have done that with my last couple tickets… even though a plea of not guilty means you have to trial at a later date. Anyway, I’m hungry. I’ma eat.


It’s been one lazy break. Fo shizzle. Thanksgiving day I went to the mums for a Turkey Dinner. I also rented HP: Prizoner of Azkaban so we could get into the right frame of mind before going to see Goblet of Fire. I must say that the HP movies are getting better as they come out. I think at least a small part is changing the sound track. The first two movies had the typical John Williams grand orcastra feel you got with Star Wars/Indiana Jones est. These last two sound all together different with playfull instruments that seem to fit the “period,” loads better imho… how did I get into this? Dustin, you talk to much.

Umm… Weekend, yes. I was hopping to stay indoors on Black Friday. But turns out a retail client descided to have a network problem… and guess what… since no one else answered their phone it was all me. Couldn’t fix the problem so I just worked around it. I saved the day, and I talked Dell into replacing their printer with a grinding noise. I went on my way with a “yeah, thanks.” *shrug* don’t give a damn. His store was packed with customers and the guy’s a snob; thinks his shit don’t stink. I didn’t expect much graditude.

After that I went to my grandparents for another thanksgiving meal. I hung out with grandpa for a while. I helped him back up his computer and we talked about various topics. It was pretty good times. After eating I went to Jesse’s. I was an hour late, but Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is one of those you can get into pretty quick. It was great hanging out with peers.

Yesterday was the most useless and lathargic day ever. I did a whole lot of nothing. Updated myspace so it looks somewhat cool again. Watched Dude Where’s My Car on TV, even though I have it on divx. Then watched The Mummy on TV, even though I have it on divx too. Paroosed the internet for random info people talk about in the Advent Children forums. I sorted laundry… but I didn’t do it. lol

Today I am doing laundry finally. I looked up sword replicas… I really want the shards of Narsil, that would be frickin’ sweet. I’m going to study also. Me, and everyone else around me, figures that getting my MCP will be a good thing. Even if this job becomes a thing of the past, a certification may give me leverage elsewhere. It’ll also feel good to finally accomplish something.

I rule…

Man it was cold out! Isn’t it fun installing a starter with a dim light and gusty chilly wind? I thought so… I may have sounded crazy as I wadled around all huntched over inside a big old coat talking myself through what I’m doing, chuckling to myself at funny things that come to mind. lol. But yeah. I just rigged a wire to go streight from the starter to the upper part of the engine compartment. Then I can just tap it on the battery to start it instead of turning the key. It works… I’ll make it more civilized later.

In other news… I need to tinker with this computer to see if I can make IT do what I want it too… then I’ll feel really damn smart.

And the beat goes on…

Today started well… I got up and put my fixed starter in the car and it started like a dream. I climbed back up and slept for another three hours. I wake up and do my usual internet thing. I goto Heathers play, I sneak in JUST as they’re closing the doors. lol, do I have good timing or what? Jess met me there. We watch the play. Have intermission. And watch the play some more. Well done Heather, I give you five gold stars 🙂 Then I walk out to my car… and it DOESN’T start. WTF!?!?!? I just fixed this problem. This very morning. Now after driving it on the freeway it’s doing the same thing it was doing before. Oh, I was so pissed at that car right then… slamming doors and cursing out loud… I tried a couple things and called Jess, who was on her way home. Luckily she agreed to come pick me up. Thanks again Jess, you’re a life saver.

While waiting for Jess to show up I was sitting on a big ol rock thinking. True anger to the point of agression, even towards an inanimate object, isn’t a trait I’ve noticed myself use. I get annoyed and bitch about stuff, or I go off about how stupid something is. I realised I’ve been doing this more often too. But speaking curses and slamming doors in an empty parking lot with no one around… it was out of place enough for me to wonder what I was doing. Is this a part of my male ego finally getting the taste of real life? Or is this manufest of stress and fear coming from somewhere else, say maybe, job. I do notice my fellow employees are stressed and pissed-off constantly. Or maybe my reaction was perfectly reasonable, I’ve fixed three problems on this car in less than a month… now it turns out that the last problem may have been caused by another problem. So now I have two problems to fix in one shot. I don’t know… I may need to re-evaluate some things… I don’t know if I like where I’m going.

BTW, looky what I found. Anyone who enjoys fan fiction may enjoy Final Fantasy VII. This is the story I know and love… sorta. I aprove of it so far (just finished chapter 4).

too much w00t

Things are more good than bad right now. Mom’s situation is pretty much settled. Luke got a promotion, so they’ll be set too. Saw the grandparents monday, that was a good thing. I still have work to do, obviously. My job is kind of at a neutral point, I have one more chance to prove myself. I wont feel guilty about being me any more. Just roll with the punches, and do my best. No more regrets. If it’s not meant to be then I can look elsewhere, NWIT isn’t the only ladder I can climb.

Final Fantasy 7-Advent Children: I’d have to say my favorite movie, hands down. I’ve seen it thrice… twice with a translation I found online. I have to get my hands on that sound track. It’s pretty, rockin’ and classical. I absolutely love it. Nobou Uematsu is the man.

Early morning. Good night.

A very meh day

Not much happened today. My car isn’t starting for some stupid reason. Damn thing; I hate you. Work, not much happened there. Home… we watched TV and I filled out my expense report. Jessi was acting strange… very peppy and laughing for long periods of time at not a whole lot. I think the school work is making her crack.

I’m in a current state of limbo. Inbetween one thing and the next and I’m not quite sure what to do with my self in order to line myself up properly. I’m talking about my next test, of course. I need to figure out how to put that extra info I need to know in my head… then there’s all the other shit I need to figure out how or if I’m going to make happen.

On the up side, I was able to find a Japanese release of Advent Children on a naughty warez sight. I won’t be able to understand em. But at least it’s going to look freaking cool while I don’t understand them! 🙂 It’s the little things the get me by.

Test blues

I failed the test. Close though. Next time. Give it a couple weeks.

But I got to work on a cool guys computer. He taught me some stuff about how to get my credit up and stuff. Kinda cool. I just need money.