The Water Strikes Back!!!!

If you read my sisters post, you’ll find she had a near miss with water today. If you turned on the Channel 6 news you’d see that I got his with water head on… BIG puddle. two feet deep and spanning across two lanes on Macadam. I saw it coming, as a big Ford truck coasted through it. Traffic beside me. Traffic behind me… I felt the pressure to just take the puddle on… so I gave it a little more speed (my second mistake, the momentum caused the water to slosh around MORE). My car dove in, made it nearly all the way through… and died. There was still a good foot of water to waid through. I attemted to start the car a couple times, but only got coughing and spuddering (mistake three… I was just giving the engine more water). Finally I bit the bullet. In my docker dress pants and scetcher dress shoes I aimed the wheel, stepped out of my car and pushed it to the side of the road. There was a road crew there trying to clear the drain, so they came over to help me out. So we stood around talking in the rain for a while. I tried my car a couple more times… it wasn’t even trying any more. It would just sit there and spin. There’s also this camera guy wandering around. He wandered over to us and interviewed me and the other lady. Apparently she made it through a similar flood earlier. So with the road crew’s help my car ended up in a random parking lot. And I walked to the client I was on my way to see… the mail must go through, right? Guys gotta hve his printer. I went into the bathroom and rung out my socks and drained my shoes; then I was uncomfortibly set.

I worked until 5 or so.. to late to work on cars, I say… so now I’m home. I’ll go out and try rescuing my car in the morning. Wish me luck 🙂


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