A very meh day

Not much happened today. My car isn’t starting for some stupid reason. Damn thing; I hate you. Work, not much happened there. Home… we watched TV and I filled out my expense report. Jessi was acting strange… very peppy and laughing for long periods of time at not a whole lot. I think the school work is making her crack.

I’m in a current state of limbo. Inbetween one thing and the next and I’m not quite sure what to do with my self in order to line myself up properly. I’m talking about my next test, of course. I need to figure out how to put that extra info I need to know in my head… then there’s all the other shit I need to figure out how or if I’m going to make happen.

On the up side, I was able to find a Japanese release of Advent Children on a naughty warez sight. I won’t be able to understand em. But at least it’s going to look freaking cool while I don’t understand them! 🙂 It’s the little things the get me by.

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