too much w00t

Things are more good than bad right now. Mom’s situation is pretty much settled. Luke got a promotion, so they’ll be set too. Saw the grandparents monday, that was a good thing. I still have work to do, obviously. My job is kind of at a neutral point, I have one more chance to prove myself. I wont feel guilty about being me any more. Just roll with the punches, and do my best. No more regrets. If it’s not meant to be then I can look elsewhere, NWIT isn’t the only ladder I can climb.

Final Fantasy 7-Advent Children: I’d have to say my favorite movie, hands down. I’ve seen it thrice… twice with a translation I found online. I have to get my hands on that sound track. It’s pretty, rockin’ and classical. I absolutely love it. Nobou Uematsu is the man.

Early morning. Good night.

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