And the beat goes on…

Today started well… I got up and put my fixed starter in the car and it started like a dream. I climbed back up and slept for another three hours. I wake up and do my usual internet thing. I goto Heathers play, I sneak in JUST as they’re closing the doors. lol, do I have good timing or what? Jess met me there. We watch the play. Have intermission. And watch the play some more. Well done Heather, I give you five gold stars 🙂 Then I walk out to my car… and it DOESN’T start. WTF!?!?!? I just fixed this problem. This very morning. Now after driving it on the freeway it’s doing the same thing it was doing before. Oh, I was so pissed at that car right then… slamming doors and cursing out loud… I tried a couple things and called Jess, who was on her way home. Luckily she agreed to come pick me up. Thanks again Jess, you’re a life saver.

While waiting for Jess to show up I was sitting on a big ol rock thinking. True anger to the point of agression, even towards an inanimate object, isn’t a trait I’ve noticed myself use. I get annoyed and bitch about stuff, or I go off about how stupid something is. I realised I’ve been doing this more often too. But speaking curses and slamming doors in an empty parking lot with no one around… it was out of place enough for me to wonder what I was doing. Is this a part of my male ego finally getting the taste of real life? Or is this manufest of stress and fear coming from somewhere else, say maybe, job. I do notice my fellow employees are stressed and pissed-off constantly. Or maybe my reaction was perfectly reasonable, I’ve fixed three problems on this car in less than a month… now it turns out that the last problem may have been caused by another problem. So now I have two problems to fix in one shot. I don’t know… I may need to re-evaluate some things… I don’t know if I like where I’m going.

BTW, looky what I found. Anyone who enjoys fan fiction may enjoy Final Fantasy VII. This is the story I know and love… sorta. I aprove of it so far (just finished chapter 4).

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