It’s been one lazy break. Fo shizzle. Thanksgiving day I went to the mums for a Turkey Dinner. I also rented HP: Prizoner of Azkaban so we could get into the right frame of mind before going to see Goblet of Fire. I must say that the HP movies are getting better as they come out. I think at least a small part is changing the sound track. The first two movies had the typical John Williams grand orcastra feel you got with Star Wars/Indiana Jones est. These last two sound all together different with playfull instruments that seem to fit the “period,” loads better imho… how did I get into this? Dustin, you talk to much.

Umm… Weekend, yes. I was hopping to stay indoors on Black Friday. But turns out a retail client descided to have a network problem… and guess what… since no one else answered their phone it was all me. Couldn’t fix the problem so I just worked around it. I saved the day, and I talked Dell into replacing their printer with a grinding noise. I went on my way with a “yeah, thanks.” *shrug* don’t give a damn. His store was packed with customers and the guy’s a snob; thinks his shit don’t stink. I didn’t expect much graditude.

After that I went to my grandparents for another thanksgiving meal. I hung out with grandpa for a while. I helped him back up his computer and we talked about various topics. It was pretty good times. After eating I went to Jesse’s. I was an hour late, but Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is one of those you can get into pretty quick. It was great hanging out with peers.

Yesterday was the most useless and lathargic day ever. I did a whole lot of nothing. Updated myspace so it looks somewhat cool again. Watched Dude Where’s My Car on TV, even though I have it on divx. Then watched The Mummy on TV, even though I have it on divx too. Paroosed the internet for random info people talk about in the Advent Children forums. I sorted laundry… but I didn’t do it. lol

Today I am doing laundry finally. I looked up sword replicas… I really want the shards of Narsil, that would be frickin’ sweet. I’m going to study also. Me, and everyone else around me, figures that getting my MCP will be a good thing. Even if this job becomes a thing of the past, a certification may give me leverage elsewhere. It’ll also feel good to finally accomplish something.

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