w00t. huh? Yeah, w00t. What part of w00t don’t you understand?

Well, this morning I’m expecting to go out and get my car with Amy’s help. Plan being that she drives from Salem, helps me get my car someplace by taking me to the car and then following as it’s towed. Then we hang out for a day since I didn’t think they needed me to work today. Well, while doing laundry this morning I get a call from my suporvisor asking what the hell I was doing and when was it happening. Sum up is that he’ll come pick me up, take me where I need to go. I’ll get hours in because money is a good thing for everybody and I’ll have enough time to dry my pants because dry pants are also very good for everybody. So I call Amy and let her know I got called in, I hope she wasn’t too bored today. With my bag on my shoulder I walked to Key Bank to cash my check.

I took a step out of the bank. Paused looked around. Now what? Well, Phil doesn’t know the area and Llyod center is a easy land mark. I start wandering that way when I hear the Frog theme from Crono Trigger on my hip. “Sup?” “Hey, where you at? I’m on a street heading for Lloyd center.” “Uhh…” I look around and am about to ask him what street when I see the white box car. “I’m just over your shoulder,” I say as he turns. “Huh? Where?” I keep walking along, “Just pull into the Cinema parking lot, I’ll meet you.” He gets in the wrong turn lane, “Where’s the cinema?” “Forget it, turn where you’re going and I’ll meet you in that lot.” “OOhhh, I see your stupid ^%#” I hang up the phone. lol.

We goto my dead car with intentions to tow. “Well… should we give it a shot first?” asks I. “Yeah, maybe it’s dried out.” I get in and try it. It actually trys to catch a couple of times. Ohh… no way!! Half an hour later the thing is sputtering and coughing… but it’s RUNNING. Driving it around for a bit to warm it up and burn the water out. Get on the freeway to finish the job and it runs like it always has. 😀 Yeah baby yeah!!!

So I go over to where I was initially supposed to work today. It takes him two and a half hours to show up… what to do. Went to DMV to get my address changed. Then Starbucks=internet so I went to find one. Couldn’t. Went to Safeway to find food. They suck. Walk across to AM/PM (full of great stuff, right?) I pay for a cheese burger, a pepperoni stick and a Mt. Dew. This guy walks up to the counter, gas can in hand and beggs the people at AM/PM to give him $5 in gas. “I was on my way to my boss’s to get my check, blah blah blah.” I look down of my wad of cash, “$5?” “Yeah man, that’s all I need. Gimme your number and I swear I’ll pay you back.” I sift through my wad. I just gave the cashier my last five, “How about $10?” 8^O “Oh damn dude, you’re a life saver. I swear I’ll pay you back.” I give him a business card with my number and stand with him as they fill his can. I give the guy a ride to his van and we talk along the way. I drop him off and go back to waiting for my fellow employee to show up. I don’t expect to ever hear back from that guy. I’d like it if I did, obviously. I can definately use the money. I’ve been having bad luck with cars lately and I’ve been helped the whole way through by caring friends and strangers. I can say thank you all I want to the road crew that helped me push my car out of high water… if I wasn’t willing to extend similar kindness then I wasn’t worthy. I didn’t do it because of the road crew. Didn’t even think of them until just now. But, I’m like them. I help people if I see that I can.

An alright day gone horribly wrong…

Today was a good day. I went to this realty place and did up some guys laptop, no problems and the guy was pretty fun to hang with when he wasn’t busy. Then I went to a nother place and did some stuff trying to coax a printer into working… I guessed cable and went on my way to the meeting. The meeting was alright… same as any other meeting really, one of the better ones because there was food. Then I drove home. And was in an accedent.

That’s right… 8ish years of good driving may be going down the tubes because emergency vehicles make people panic and rush to get out of the freaking way.

Ok, the set up:
I’m driving down I-5 in the left lane(two lanes). No cars in front of me. One car ahead and to the right a little ways. Behind me and to the right a emergency vehicle comes down the on ramp. I look back for an instant to see where the thing is coming from. I look forward and the guy who was in the other lane was moving in front of me slowing down while. I slam on the breaks and my front passenger bumper goes into his driver rear bumper with a little crunch. The guy behind me slams on his breaks and barely stops before hitting me. The guy behind him was in a big ol’ semi, he slams on his breaks and ends up sideways on the freeway blocking traffic. Peachy. The guy behind me is some kind of armed forces personel and he pulls up beside us yelling at us to get off the freeway. At this point the guy and front was out of our cars… I only just reallised what was going on behind us… you know it’s bizzar to look back and see that you were part of something that caused a big rig to completely block traffic. Damn… if you were back there in the traffic. I’m so sorry, it wasn’t my fault. I did all I could to keep things under control… but then again… if my car WAS able to stop fater I would have been creamed by the guy behind me and the SAME THING would have happend. Except then the rear end of my sisters car wouldn’t be looking so nice. Oh yeah… no damage to my sisters car. What you might call a bumper in the Toyota ahead sorta crunched, taking on the shape of the Subaru I was in. lol, thanks for that little safety feature Toyota.

Now I didn’t know this at the time… but my sister had just gotten insurence that day thanks to online insurence sign up. While I was on the road I didn’t know this useful fact. So this whole thing was processed as tho I didn’t have insurence. Causing the police to show up; me to get a ticket for driving uninsured and my sisters car to be towed. That about sums it up. Lame deal.

It’s weird thinking through my progression of thought after the *smack* point of the situation. In the beginning I thought it may have been my fault, and I wasn’t exactly sure what to do. I didn’t talk to him while we were on the freeway. He was on the cell phone, I don’t know if he was on his cell durring the accadent. Then the soldure man came along and yelled at us, I look back and see the semi backing up and driving forward trying to get his truck facing the right direction. As we pulled down the nearest onramp, I thought through what happened more… the guy in front pulled to the side of the road just off the exit… f#@&ing n00b. I drove a little past him and went into the parking lot, out of traffic. I cut a guy off in the process… but meh, no harm no fowl this time.

Here’s what went though my head as I was driving to this point:

The dope breaks into my lane and stops. What he did would have been fine if he had kept going. But pulling into a moving lane of traffic while applying your breaks? WTF are you thinking? Ok, lets say you’re right mister, and just slowed down… to a crawl. You admit that you saw me coming behind you about to hit you, but you didn’t take your foot off the break. He stopped hard enough that the guy behind and the guy behind that just BARELY kept it together. This is all the stuff I said to him after we got off the exit, which happened to be the one leading to my house. He kept giving me crap about not getting smart with him. Don’t tell him what he should have done. I’m nice now, but if you keep going it’ll get ugly. Whatever dude. I wasn’t speaking law to him… I was just speaking the logic of what I saw here.

The soldure followed us and he was there and pretty flustered too. I think he was more angry at me than the other guy; probably because I was the car that HE nearly hit. In his mind I’m the guy that freaked him out. He turned out telling me and the other guy to shut the fuck up and call a cop since I didn’t have insurence. I happily oblidged to this, my argument wasn’t getting anywhere.

For his sake, I’ll tell the other guys side of the story; as best I can figure. The drivers manual mentions something about slowing down and getting to the side of the road when you see an emergency vehicle coming. If he went into the right shoulder the ambulence wouldn’t be able to get by him because there wasn’t much of a shoulder. He followed the rules as best to the T as he could come up with in such short notice. I see his point of view, I understand his thinking, it does say something like that in the drivers manual. I didn’t know exactly what it was that the manual said until the cop showed up. The best I could see it when he was arguing with me, the guy followed the rules… so I thought I was in trouble again. I have logic on my side. I know that if I stop hard in a lane of traffic I should check and see if I should let off to compensate for those behind me, even if I end up part way in the lane… *cough*which I’ve done… but that’s far better than staying behind the line and getting rear ended. I look like an idiot, everyone honks as I slowly slip ahead under the bright red light, but everyone forgets about it later. Law is only an emulation for common sense so that stupid lazy people who can’t govern themselves (I’m one sometimes, so I’m not trying to imply anything) don’t do stuff they probably shouldn’t. Law doesn’t always cover all the bases.

Anyways, the cop shows up. Talks to the soldure guy so he can get going. Gets my info and the other guys info. Puts it on paper. Durring the process he asked the guy what happened. I let him go first since he was so eager to speak. While discribing what happened the cop said, “So you moved into his lane?” “Yeah, there was an EMT coming. I needed to get out of the way.” “You’re supposed to turn to the right when you see and emergency vehicle coming.” w00t! Go cop! The guy argued with the cop as if his point wasn’t getting heard. The cop got it, it was simple. I almost laughed a couple times as they went back and forth. I tried to help the cop out, but the guy got on me for that. lol, sheesh. Sorry, n00b. In the end the cop gave him the paper that had our information on it. He gave me a copy. Poor guy, that’s all he got from the cop that night. A paper and a little cryptic pointer: the cop can’t put fault on anyone. It’s up to the insurence company weather they say the fault is his or mine. It may turn out to be both of our fault. The cop can’t judge, he wasn’t there and he’s not going to take a side on this. Period. Psh.. I wouldn’t either… even with what he had he complained about the paper work I made him go though having to tow the car and write a ticket.

But what does the cops statement say to me? The guy would be smarter not to tell his insurence about this little venture because he’s in as much risk as I am. From what was said, he may be in MORE risk. Booyah! Hope for this little blip to not show up on insurence, what really matters. We’ll see.

Anyway… I’m tired. Time for bed.

The Water Strikes Back!!!!

If you read my sisters post, you’ll find she had a near miss with water today. If you turned on the Channel 6 news you’d see that I got his with water head on… BIG puddle. two feet deep and spanning across two lanes on Macadam. I saw it coming, as a big Ford truck coasted through it. Traffic beside me. Traffic behind me… I felt the pressure to just take the puddle on… so I gave it a little more speed (my second mistake, the momentum caused the water to slosh around MORE). My car dove in, made it nearly all the way through… and died. There was still a good foot of water to waid through. I attemted to start the car a couple times, but only got coughing and spuddering (mistake three… I was just giving the engine more water). Finally I bit the bullet. In my docker dress pants and scetcher dress shoes I aimed the wheel, stepped out of my car and pushed it to the side of the road. There was a road crew there trying to clear the drain, so they came over to help me out. So we stood around talking in the rain for a while. I tried my car a couple more times… it wasn’t even trying any more. It would just sit there and spin. There’s also this camera guy wandering around. He wandered over to us and interviewed me and the other lady. Apparently she made it through a similar flood earlier. So with the road crew’s help my car ended up in a random parking lot. And I walked to the client I was on my way to see… the mail must go through, right? Guys gotta hve his printer. I went into the bathroom and rung out my socks and drained my shoes; then I was uncomfortibly set.

I worked until 5 or so.. to late to work on cars, I say… so now I’m home. I’ll go out and try rescuing my car in the morning. Wish me luck 🙂