Bing Bang Boom

Here’s a quick recap of my last weekish…

Thurs(15th):I do my work thing until about 2 or 3ish. Pick up Caitlin at her mall take her to do some shopping at Pioneer C.Sqr. We considered a movie… but ended up just going to my house to watch a couple. Go back out to my car and the battery is dead. … Eff. I took her home in my sisters car(The Sue-b).

Fri(16th): Screwed around with my car for a while. It either has a short in the battery or somewhere along the positive line. Either way… I was sick of the car. Later I talk to Luke about his Geo. We talk and end up going to the DMV and I come home with a yellow car slip saying that I own the car. I transfer my insurence and everything is lagit. Yippy skippy. I put air in the tires and have some fun driving it around. IT’S A MANUAL! W00T!

Sat(17th): I run around doing errands in the car. It’s gutless, but it takes ~$10 to fill the tank… a tank will get you 300+ miles! Anyway. Later in the day Caitlin and I go down to Salem to watch King Kong with good friend Erin. It was a good movie. Certainly not for everyone, but I enjoyed it. Well while in Salem I notice that the car is making an odd grinding noise. I figured I’d look into it once I get home. I’m driving back with Caitlin in the passenger seat and the 5th gear would pop out of gear after 20-30 seconds. Wierd. Not long after this I’m passing a truck and hear something that didn’t sound normal… quite worrysome actually… so I slow down behind the semi and pull into the rest area and the car grinds to a hault. It wont go any more. WTF! I have it for a day… then it dies!

Sun(18th): I get shit from my work for not going to help them… but I’m trying to figure out what to do with my car on a sunday. Alot of spinning my wheels. Ultimately I didn’t get anywhere. It’s amazing how much I rely on having a vehicle. Luckily it snows… so I’m sort of let off the hook.

Mon(19th): Meh, more car crap and work. I’m using Jessica’s car for work.

Tues(20th): More of monday

Wed(21st): More of monday… I find out for sure that it’s the transmission from a guy at a shop. I paid $35 do hear what I already guessed… and would have known if I had just dropped the tranny myself. Bah.

Thurs(22nd): I goto work. Goto pick up my car with my dad, who is back from Chicago temporarily. Drop the car off at my uncle mikes. My granpa helped me locate a new transmission. That will be picked up tomorrow.

Damn cars.

Didn’t sleep tonight either… working on damn computer… new policy. If it’s fucked. I rebuild it. You don’t have your software? It’s not getting fixed then, is it?

OMG going crazy so bored!

Well, I scheduled my next Microsoft Certification test for this coming Monday. I think that my work is giving me less work because of it. So here I am actually haveing to scrounge up study material for myself. Poking through random google links hoping that a webpage will have a few scraps of information that will be usefull to me on that damn test. I’ve never been keen on studying… trying to figure out WHAT to study in this manner is worse. I’ve been here for three hours. I picked up some info on Remote Assistance, usless crap aboout internet protocols(won’t be on the test), stuff on Internet Connection Firewall which got replaced by the Firewall SP2 installs… bunch of other stuff that I forgot. Hope it didn’t matter.

If you’ve seen myspace pictures you’ll know how I end up while I study. My mind starts to wander. I bring myself back. I go do some push ups and beat myself up a bit to wake up. Come back. Slapping myself while trying to read. Laughing and talking at myself outloud. Random singing/whistling. I start wondering about things… like how that dart can stay in the celing for so long without slipping and falling on me while I sleep…

*sigh* Have a good harvest everyone, I’ma go chase some cars now… see if I can bite a mail man

Dun dun dun DUUNN!

Went to see Narnia yesterday with Caitlin and Jenny. It was a GREAT movie all the way through. Lucy was adorable… Caitlin kept on saying she was “So cloneable.” There was only one point that was kind of lame… but it was a very small insignifigant one. It was how one of the bad guys sort of commited suicide on Peters sword. And we all agreed that Aslan needed a much deeper voice. And I don’t think the theater shook at all when he roared. See all nit-picky stuff. I want to see the movie again. It was gerrrreat!!

We fooded at Fudruckers after the movie. Then I took them home and went to the company Christmas Party. It was better than I expected. I was the only single guy there, from what I could tell. I was also the youngest member of the party. Mingling and small talk. I had a beer. A couple laughs. They did white elephant gifts for people, which was actually rather entertaining. I ended up with a cordless screwdriver and a picture frame.

After such I went back to Caitlin’s because Erin finally descided to show up and it’s likely I wouldn’t see her for a good while after that. She origionally was supposed to be the one seeing the movie with us but baled out and did responsible stuff instead. We sat around talking and laughing while watching LOTR on TNT… then a really dark version HP GoF that we went forward in time and bought from the DVD store. Erin went to bed early. Caitlin, her bro and I watched the rest of the movie. It was about 1 or 2 by the time it was over so I thought it would be better to stay there and rest then just take off in the morning. Well, Caitlin and I ended up talking and laughing sleepily on the couch. The couch fit four fairly comfortibly while sitting. It’s not so roomy when you’re trying to get sleep comfortible. The morning got later and later as we kept deturing eachothers sleep efforts by moving… then we’d start talking again. Why didn’t one of us move to a bed? Who knows… I was to tired to think about it properly I guess. Poor Caitlin had to work at 7:30am today. I went home, pushed the clean cloths off my bed and slept for a good 5 hours. I’m still feeling lethargic and lame.

Bored fun with Santa… I really shouldn’t post this… it’s pittiful

———-It starts light
[23:33] HumanGumbo: Do you like weed?
[23:33] SantaClaus: Well what do you think?
[23:34] HumanGumbo: Do you like beer?
[23:34] SantaClaus: I Never. 😉
———Then I test Santa’s limits
[23:34] HumanGumbo: am I good?
[23:34] SantaClaus: Excellent!
[23:34] HumanGumbo: fuck
[23:34] SantaClaus: Hmm, that’s a lump of coal for you.
[23:34] HumanGumbo: poo
[23:34] SantaClaus: Oh, Dear. It’s the elves again isn’t it? Try typing menu; I’ve got a plan to get you in the Christmas spirit.
[23:36] HumanGumbo: you are fat
[23:36] SantaClaus: It’s not all fat. I’m pretty big-boned, if you know what I mean. 😉
[23:36] HumanGumbo: Are you implying that you have a large penis?
[23:36] SantaClaus: My goodness. I’m afraid I cannot respond to that kind of talk. A lump of coal for you.
[23:37] HumanGumbo: I’m starting to like coal
[23:37] SantaClaus: May I ask you a question?
———–Santa Strikes Back!
[23:44] HumanGumbo: what’s your name
[23:44] SantaClaus: Some people call me the Elf Master but I don’t like that very much. I am Santa Claus.
[23:45] HumanGumbo: what’s my name?
[23:45] SantaClaus: Clearly this is not getting you in the Christmas spirit. Let’s start over. Type menu and we’ll pretend like nothing happened. 😉
[23:46] HumanGumbo: what’s my name bitch?
[23:46] SantaClaus: Hmm. I’m afraid that kind of language won’t get you into the nice column with me. That’s a lump of coal for you.
[23:46] HumanGumbo: You’re mean
[23:47] SantaClaus: I should be asking you the same thing. Ho Ho Ho! 😉
[23:47] HumanGumbo: I didn’t ask anything
[23:47] SantaClaus: Interesting. Type menu.
[23:47] HumanGumbo: You keep saying that
[23:47] SantaClaus: I do? I believe you. Sorry, I am talking to so many people that the elves 😀
cannot keep track sometimes.
You can always type, menu to find more things the elves have left for you.
[23:47] HumanGumbo: I don’t want to type menu
[23:47] SantaClaus: I’ve got my list, here’s yours! Type a number and I’ll tell you more.
1 – Tell Santa
2 – Tell Buddies What U Want
3 – Track a Shopping List
4 – Play Xmas Games!
5 – Vote on Xmas Songs
6 – Send E-Cards
7 – A Free Gift 4U!
8 – Listen to Xmas Music with AOL Music Now 😀
9 – Yes Santa, IM me!
[23:47] HumanGumbo: NOOOOO
[23:47] SantaClaus: Interesting. Type menu.
———We talk business
[23:51] HumanGumbo: are you a robot?
[23:51] SantaClaus: No, I am as real as you are — and as real as the Christmas spirit that is in you.
[23:51] HumanGumbo: what the hell does that mean?
[23:51] SantaClaus: I don’t respond to that kind of language. A lump of coal for you.
[23:52] HumanGumbo: My stocking is getting full
[23:52] SantaClaus: If you have a fireplace, hang your stocking near-by. If not, anywhere else will do, I’ll find it 🙂
[23:52] HumanGumbo: Why would i care? You’ll only give me coal.
[23:52] SantaClaus: Yes. This is important. I am trying to spread the Christmas spirit.
[23:52] HumanGumbo: How is coal spreading the Christmas spirit? Is this a new policy you’ve implimented to save money?
[23:52] SantaClaus: Whoa! Ho! Ho! slow down there! That’s quite a lot for a man of my age to wrap his head around. Would you mind trying some shorter questions?
[23:53] HumanGumbo: You’re playing dumb, aren’t you?
[23:53] SantaClaus: Well, I’m trying to learn. I’ve seen quite a lot in my time. I just want people to get that Christmas spirit. I don’t think that is too much to ask.
———–It gets worse
[00:03] HumanGumbo: Do you sleep with children?
[00:03] SantaClaus: Well, I think of every child as part of my family. 😉
[00:04] HumanGumbo: You’re going to jail
[00:04] SantaClaus: Sorry the elves didn’t get that. 😉
[00:04] HumanGumbo: you are
[00:04] SantaClaus: It is so.
[00:05] HumanGumbo: a dirty old man
[00:05] SantaClaus: My goodness, should I really know about this?
[00:05] HumanGumbo: you already know it
[00:05] SantaClaus: You’re full of mischief. 😉
[00:05] HumanGumbo: you’re full of evil
[00:05] SantaClaus: Could be.
———-And worse
[00:08] HumanGumbo: do you like men?
[00:08] SantaClaus: It depends if Christmas is coming or not. 😉


Hey hey, who here has been on top of an elevator before?! I HAVE!! It’s not as exciting as movies make it out to be. It’s just like being in a dark room. I thought it was kinda creepy-cool like an attic. This whole place was creepy cool actually.

Down stairs is a wreck. The walls don’t have sheetrock on them so you either see a bunch of wood, or cement. There were distinctive rooms, you can just see them from the other side if this large building.

To get to the toilet you have to go down stairs, through the hall way (with no walls), up stairs, through the door, take a quick left-right you come to a room with a table and random crap, take a left, in this bigger room take the door on the opposite side and you can see the walls guts again. Follow this hallway of darkness and as you walk along you see a glowing light. Follow that light and illuminated under a single bulb is the toilet. No door. You can see the gut of three walls… the one on the other end of the toilet is just wooden frame. lol, I got a kick outta it.

The up stairs was creepy too. But nice creepy. Sorta like the titanic thing… everything is all elaborate and old. But none of the lights were on; things were a little dusty looking. Way to hard to describe… maybe I’ll just get pix tomorrow. Fun stuff.

But yeah. So if you’re afraid of heights or unknown dark places with 6 inch gaps on all sides, don’t take up residence in an elevator shaft.