Hey hey, who here has been on top of an elevator before?! I HAVE!! It’s not as exciting as movies make it out to be. It’s just like being in a dark room. I thought it was kinda creepy-cool like an attic. This whole place was creepy cool actually.

Down stairs is a wreck. The walls don’t have sheetrock on them so you either see a bunch of wood, or cement. There were distinctive rooms, you can just see them from the other side if this large building.

To get to the toilet you have to go down stairs, through the hall way (with no walls), up stairs, through the door, take a quick left-right you come to a room with a table and random crap, take a left, in this bigger room take the door on the opposite side and you can see the walls guts again. Follow this hallway of darkness and as you walk along you see a glowing light. Follow that light and illuminated under a single bulb is the toilet. No door. You can see the gut of three walls… the one on the other end of the toilet is just wooden frame. lol, I got a kick outta it.

The up stairs was creepy too. But nice creepy. Sorta like the titanic thing… everything is all elaborate and old. But none of the lights were on; things were a little dusty looking. Way to hard to describe… maybe I’ll just get pix tomorrow. Fun stuff.

But yeah. So if you’re afraid of heights or unknown dark places with 6 inch gaps on all sides, don’t take up residence in an elevator shaft.

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