Dun dun dun DUUNN!

Went to see Narnia yesterday with Caitlin and Jenny. It was a GREAT movie all the way through. Lucy was adorable… Caitlin kept on saying she was “So cloneable.” There was only one point that was kind of lame… but it was a very small insignifigant one. It was how one of the bad guys sort of commited suicide on Peters sword. And we all agreed that Aslan needed a much deeper voice. And I don’t think the theater shook at all when he roared. See all nit-picky stuff. I want to see the movie again. It was gerrrreat!!

We fooded at Fudruckers after the movie. Then I took them home and went to the company Christmas Party. It was better than I expected. I was the only single guy there, from what I could tell. I was also the youngest member of the party. Mingling and small talk. I had a beer. A couple laughs. They did white elephant gifts for people, which was actually rather entertaining. I ended up with a cordless screwdriver and a picture frame.

After such I went back to Caitlin’s because Erin finally descided to show up and it’s likely I wouldn’t see her for a good while after that. She origionally was supposed to be the one seeing the movie with us but baled out and did responsible stuff instead. We sat around talking and laughing while watching LOTR on TNT… then a really dark version HP GoF that we went forward in time and bought from the DVD store. Erin went to bed early. Caitlin, her bro and I watched the rest of the movie. It was about 1 or 2 by the time it was over so I thought it would be better to stay there and rest then just take off in the morning. Well, Caitlin and I ended up talking and laughing sleepily on the couch. The couch fit four fairly comfortibly while sitting. It’s not so roomy when you’re trying to get sleep comfortible. The morning got later and later as we kept deturing eachothers sleep efforts by moving… then we’d start talking again. Why didn’t one of us move to a bed? Who knows… I was to tired to think about it properly I guess. Poor Caitlin had to work at 7:30am today. I went home, pushed the clean cloths off my bed and slept for a good 5 hours. I’m still feeling lethargic and lame.

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