OMG going crazy so bored!

Well, I scheduled my next Microsoft Certification test for this coming Monday. I think that my work is giving me less work because of it. So here I am actually haveing to scrounge up study material for myself. Poking through random google links hoping that a webpage will have a few scraps of information that will be usefull to me on that damn test. I’ve never been keen on studying… trying to figure out WHAT to study in this manner is worse. I’ve been here for three hours. I picked up some info on Remote Assistance, usless crap aboout internet protocols(won’t be on the test), stuff on Internet Connection Firewall which got replaced by the Firewall SP2 installs… bunch of other stuff that I forgot. Hope it didn’t matter.

If you’ve seen myspace pictures you’ll know how I end up while I study. My mind starts to wander. I bring myself back. I go do some push ups and beat myself up a bit to wake up. Come back. Slapping myself while trying to read. Laughing and talking at myself outloud. Random singing/whistling. I start wondering about things… like how that dart can stay in the celing for so long without slipping and falling on me while I sleep…

*sigh* Have a good harvest everyone, I’ma go chase some cars now… see if I can bite a mail man

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