Bing Bang Boom

Here’s a quick recap of my last weekish…

Thurs(15th):I do my work thing until about 2 or 3ish. Pick up Caitlin at her mall take her to do some shopping at Pioneer C.Sqr. We considered a movie… but ended up just going to my house to watch a couple. Go back out to my car and the battery is dead. … Eff. I took her home in my sisters car(The Sue-b).

Fri(16th): Screwed around with my car for a while. It either has a short in the battery or somewhere along the positive line. Either way… I was sick of the car. Later I talk to Luke about his Geo. We talk and end up going to the DMV and I come home with a yellow car slip saying that I own the car. I transfer my insurence and everything is lagit. Yippy skippy. I put air in the tires and have some fun driving it around. IT’S A MANUAL! W00T!

Sat(17th): I run around doing errands in the car. It’s gutless, but it takes ~$10 to fill the tank… a tank will get you 300+ miles! Anyway. Later in the day Caitlin and I go down to Salem to watch King Kong with good friend Erin. It was a good movie. Certainly not for everyone, but I enjoyed it. Well while in Salem I notice that the car is making an odd grinding noise. I figured I’d look into it once I get home. I’m driving back with Caitlin in the passenger seat and the 5th gear would pop out of gear after 20-30 seconds. Wierd. Not long after this I’m passing a truck and hear something that didn’t sound normal… quite worrysome actually… so I slow down behind the semi and pull into the rest area and the car grinds to a hault. It wont go any more. WTF! I have it for a day… then it dies!

Sun(18th): I get shit from my work for not going to help them… but I’m trying to figure out what to do with my car on a sunday. Alot of spinning my wheels. Ultimately I didn’t get anywhere. It’s amazing how much I rely on having a vehicle. Luckily it snows… so I’m sort of let off the hook.

Mon(19th): Meh, more car crap and work. I’m using Jessica’s car for work.

Tues(20th): More of monday

Wed(21st): More of monday… I find out for sure that it’s the transmission from a guy at a shop. I paid $35 do hear what I already guessed… and would have known if I had just dropped the tranny myself. Bah.

Thurs(22nd): I goto work. Goto pick up my car with my dad, who is back from Chicago temporarily. Drop the car off at my uncle mikes. My granpa helped me locate a new transmission. That will be picked up tomorrow.

Damn cars.

Didn’t sleep tonight either… working on damn computer… new policy. If it’s fucked. I rebuild it. You don’t have your software? It’s not getting fixed then, is it?

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