Sup!? Been a while! UPDATE!

  • Geo Metro runs great! It’s a fun-gutless little car 😉
  • Beat Prince of Persia and am on a second time through the story… ahh games
  • Still working at NW IT Services! w00t! I’m not so mad at the job any more.
  • Moved out of my sister/bro house in with an old friend from church.
    • It’s HUGE! My stuff is around the walls, and the EMPTY space in the middle is the size of my old room
    • It’s COLD! No heating because oil is expensive and we’re all cheap single guys. I’m getting a heater for my room today.
    • There’s a pool table in the basement! w00t!
    • I have a sliver in my wrist with no tweezers… annoying.
    • More random stuff… love the room… it’s like an ice palace.

Umm… work time now. Laterz