Waiting for WMP to burn…

SOOO… May as well update, you know?

Well. About a week after my last post bi***ing about my job at NWIT I get interviewed AND hired by an outsourcing call center. I have been hired as a tech support rep for multimedia software that I’m thrilled to learn. I’m actually looking forward to learning the software as well as answering calls for a while. That will fade… as any joy for a job does. I have alot of training before I get out there though… we’re talking over a month. Cha, the software isn’t exactly your typical notepad.

I feel the need to second what Caitlin said. Most probably know that she is my GF, and I happily admit this. She’s gone and stuck herself in my head… and I like her there. I like her much better in person, of course. That’s why I visit monmouth so much. Including tonight. After these damn CDs burn. And I didn’t do it or ANYTHIGN ELSE last night because of the following:

Oblivion came out yesterday… I got the collecters edition durring lunch. O.M.F.G. This game is amazingly cool. People who aren’t gamers (most of the people that read my LJ probably) should forget everything they think they don’t like about games until they see this. And play it. Forget WoW. Forget “the latest consol”. This game is nothing short of revolutionary in it’s complexity and coolness… I’m in awe. And another thing is… I was suprised that I could put it down… at 1am. CDs are done. Time to see Caitlin. TTYL


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