Something New

Starting on a good, great, wonderful! note. I just got back from medford, hanging with my good pal Justin, and watching one of my all time fav bands: Cake. Went up Thursday night. Friday we went to South Umqua Falls, which was amazingly fun! I love swimming in rivers. Red Robin, music, driving and eventually meeting up with Joan, Lindsay and a couple of other friends of friends for Cake. Cake was hella cool, even if it seems like they didn’t really give a damn about being there. Maybe they were on something, who knows. But I think every one was so excited about them being there that we didn’t really care. We were all pretty much on a high of: “Teehee, that’s a Cake song and we know the words!” After that we paid $14 a piece to go Cosmic bowling at the High School central of medford Lava Lanes. There were so FREAKING many high schoolers there just standing around the entrance doing absolutely nothing. I don’t know what kind of Pack mentality you need in order to congregate to the entrance of a bowling alley and just standing there as if your in a courtyard waiting to goto class, but oh wait… its summer. I’m grateful for being a part of the previous high school generation where we’d drive around. Or… what did we do? Hmm… anyway. Saturday Justin, Sarah and I drove all over Medford trying to find a charger for my cell phone. I’ve yet to get a car charger and my phone was dead. No where. My phone was too new, or it was just play Verizon. Medford only has Cingular so I was SOL. Poor Caitlin had to wait until today before hearing from me. Threw Frisbee, swim in pool. BBQ with Sarah’s family. Lindsay and Joan came over for poker with me and Justin. Fun times. Woke up this morning and came home. I’m happy my Geo is able to make the trip in just three and a half hours πŸ™‚

Caitlin was happy to see me, so I’m very happy to be home again. πŸ™‚

Now to babble about what’s gnawing at me. How do I begin? Well… I’m not used to being pen-pointed as a natural enemy. And someone has done such, it would seem. They act civil to my face… but while I’m not around I guess I’m just a big fat target. I can’t think of anything that I’ve said or done to provoke it. I guess just dating her sister is cause enough. None of the actual “He’s *this*, and he’s such a *that*” make any sense to me. I’ve heard that something I said in passing was taken in a way I didn’t intend it. Then she said words afterward that made it so I didn’t give a damn that they were taken the wrong way. I’m inclined to think that they went out of their way to find those “mean words” just to point a finger at me. What am I supposed to do about someone like that? It’s so fucking distracting because I’m hanging out with Caitlin and there seems to always be something new that her sister said about me that got on her nerves. Then it gets me thinking, “What did I do to deserve that? How to I fix it so her sister doesn’t cause Caitlin so much grief?” THE meanest things that I have ever heard about me have been said by her. None of her words have stung me though… someone like that, their words are hardly constructive criticism. Mostly just baseless jabs or opinions with no reasoning. They bug Caitlin more than they bug me, I think, because she cares about her sister and wants her to like the person she loves. Or at least tolerate them… If the words were said to my face I would either just blink or laugh. A couple words have stuck tho… they are words that show what my family(possible future and present) and I are to this person. I don’t hate them, I have no reason to and they aren’t a real threat to me or my relationship with Caitlin. If any thing it makes us more determined and unified just to prove her wrong and spite her. Caitlin is the only reason I’d ever put up with this stupid he said she said kindergarten bullshit.

Anyway, I’m calling it a night. Later folks.