Time for a new year

Hey! It’s a tri-year update! (Just to appease those P.C. folks, I posted 4 months ago and made 5 posts before that. My basis for saying tri-year, if you haven’t figured it out, is if I keep up the time gap of 4 months.)

Well, Christmas has passed. A new year approaches. What has happened since I posted last?

*Caitlin and I are still together (Not a “happened”, but certainly a noteworthy #1)
*My birthday
Novemburr (Thanks Happy Feet Commercials)
*Caitlin & fam. help me make a super resume (Meghan included, which was most helpful)
*Caitlin, Evin, Meghan, and I stayed in line waiting for a couple Wii’s
*The Wii is extremely fun and definitely worth a try for even the non-gamer.
*Start playing L.O.Zelda, Twilight Princess.
*Got a suite jacket and slacks for interviews
*I got a new coat, and it’s a color: green
*Car (1995 Geo Metro: green) making a loud ticky/knocking sound
*Borrow grandpa’s 70’s Chevy truck. ~7 miles/gal
*Interview with Canby School District, to no avail
*Over the course of 1.5 cold weeks in Caitlin’s mom’s driveway under the car after work. I checked the lifters and lower end. Metal shards in the oil pan, rod bearings were shot and the sound remains when I replace those. Upon reading and thinking, it’s a piton knock. Time for a new car or a new engine.
*Grandpa helped me get a car, and what a car it is. 1999 Plymouth Breeze.
*May end up fixing the Geo in time… yet to decide. I drove it clicking and knocking from Beaverton to Oregon City to sit for a while.
*Baby attack at Grandparents Christmas party. All but 3 cousins and I are un-married/engaged with kids. Does that encourage me to hurry up? Hell no.
*Stayed the night at mom’s house Christmas eve so that I’d wake up there for a family-ish Christmas
*Caitlin’s house that afternoon for a feast with her inner family plus an aunt Sue and uncle Steve
*Go back to work at Phone Support job that I still have…

I may post again before the year ends with thoughts, for now I need to brush my teeth and sleep. In other news, Caitlin is pressing me to update my space. I’ll probably do that soonish… meh.