Maybe I should be a Pedestrian

Starting on a positive note, I fixed Caitlin’s toilet. At least I’m good for something right? Bah, so I was driving to work yesterday morning (Fri, 17th) when, about West Linn I noticed that my heater was only blowing cold air even though the temerature gauge said that the car was warm, I knew that was bad but what could I do? I’m driving to work. So I keep going while watching the that temperature gauge, it was fine for a while. When I happened to glance down while on that I-205 to I-5 curve the needle was on H and my water light was on. I immediatly pull over and pop the hood… but it’s 5:30am so there’s no light, I forgot about the hand crank flash light in the glove box but there was nothing I could besides conferming what I already knew. I was out of water. So I called work, let it sit for a few minutes started it up. *Good, the engine didn’t weld itself solid* I thought, even though my reasoning told my that would be impossible since I caught it so quickly. I just went up the gas station off the Tualatin-Sherwood exit and filled it with water to find where the water was coming from. The back, or side of the engine and I knew it wasn’t the heater core because I could see those hoses back there. It was probably the water pump.

So here I am the next morning at Caitlin’s, since her mom was kind enough to give me a ride from my doggy daycare job. Jessica, Caitlin’s long time friend, gave me a ride from Stream to doggy daycare. It looks like I had another option for fixing the car that I didn’t know about, a connection Caitlin’s mom knows who fixes cars. Turns out he knows my Aunt and Uncle, and has met my father before. He has a shop and, apon discussing my possibilities with me, it looks like I could have taken the car there to work on it myself with his coaching if need be. If only I had known before hand, I’ve fixed harder things on a car than a water pump; I just didn’t have the place or the jacks for the job. Now the shop I took it too already has the front end apart waiting for a belt tensioner of all things. We’re going to see if we can get it for cheaper, but the damage is done and it’ll cost more than I can comfortibly afford.