Moving eh? Wait, since when did you care about politics?

I figured that I should post a positive blog for once. My blogs in general are few and far between… and they usually happen when I’m ranting. This one is no exception, but I’ll wait to bore ppl with that later 🙂

Hopefully if everything goes according to plan I’ll be moving to Beaverton this weekend. 5 minutes from Caitlin and both jobs will be awesome on many counts. Commuting half an hour per trip 7 days a week isn’t exactly good for my car or my wallet (or the environment from what pple say). Its a really nice apartment built in 2001ish, all pristine and shiny. 2bd, 2bth, decent sized kitchen, washer and dryer in unit, down Scholls Ferry Rd.west of 217. Yeah, I get my own bathroom; which gets shared with visitors. Not a bad gig. I’ll post again after the move to confirm how wonderful it is.

On to the other agenda, while at my phone support job I figure that with all my mindlessness that I can keep up with news and stuff on the side. Before that I would just pick up on random things that people ranted about, pick up my own opinions on various matters, then apathetically move on with my puny life. It’s funny that once I started actually educating myself on domestic and national events around me I suddenly started giving a damn. I’d find myself saying, “WTF? What are they thinking? What are we thinking!?” Just in time for the primary too. The most important thing that I came across was a video of a class called Constitution Class for Patriots of the USA Republic. Yeah, the guy is kind of radical and he kind of sounds like he’s pushing an agenda; but he does it for a reason. He wants people to stop being apathetic and to start paying attention to what our government is doing to us and to others. If you’re old enough to vote, the United States government is your responsibility. These aren’t his words. They’re the words of our founding fathers that setup this government in the Declaration of Independence and the united States Constitution. I think he does very well in describing the history and text of the document… I’ve only seen the first three and a half videos so far (it’s an eight our class), but I’ve stayed engaged all the way up to this point and I want to watch it all.

The first video is here, try to watch the first part. Tell me what you think. You can follow the links after that if you want.  Video

I also ran into the philosophical/religeous side of U-Tube and the rebuttles… wow. But that’s another story. 🙂