Hitman (Movie)

The movie was entertaining, but not worth bringing home for over $5.00. It’s your typical shoot-em’-up action flick like The Transporter or xXx. The writers swap plot with a seemingly chaotic play by play progression of events that gives our bald nameless assassin plenty of opportunity to shoot, explode, and kung fu whoever he feels like. If you’re entertained by this kind of movie you wont regret seeing The Hitman. It dishes out plenty of extortion, out-smarting ‘bad guys’, and quirky lines. Then to complete genre there are British and Russian officials competing to find this man. The CIA is passively involved. The man himself, known only as 47, spares a Ukrainian slave girl who he was charged to kill. Then one morning she’s not afraid of him or his methodical ‘I kill people’ lifestyle. In fact she gets kind of bored. So doing what every slave girl does when bored, she takes off all her cloths and tries to seduce the leading man. He refuses politely. Repeatedly. It was kind of amusing the ways he swatted off her sporadic acts of naturalism. All in all they did a good job of making a typical action movie, I was never reminded that this character, and possibly plot, came from a video game.

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