A weekend gone

The weekend went by a quicker than I’d like. There was so much plan hopping that in-between lazy times were scarce and short. Friday night was the birthday of Caitlin’s bro, Evin. There were video games played, communing with friends, presents opened, and Golden Compass was watched. Then more video games and visitation until around 1 or 2am the next day. Highlights were interaction times with games, talking about games of old, minor speaking of politics, and more. Occasionally I’d drop by Caitlin for kisses while she chatted with Jenny or one of the others. Sometimes she’d come to me too. By the end of the night I merely listened as Kip and Meghan chat about family and property law while holding my limp little girl. I love holding Lorelai even when she’s an exhausted beyond hope of rousing. It was her first night being babysat, and she’s always tired after a busy event with lots of people. Good times were had all around.

Saturday all I remember is getting up earlier than I’d like letting Caitlin sleep for a spell longer since Lorelai decided to stay up a few hours longer than us. I got a bottle ready for Lorelai. Meghan stayed the night, so she was there and ready to feed Lorelai while watching Little House on the Prairie. Don’t think that was her first choice of shows. The baby would be traded off here and there as people changed their doings. Evin playing Mario Galaxy while I topped off my belly with cold pizza. Leza was around doing house things.

*The names of dogs below have been changed for their protection*

Began at the doggy daycare around 2:30. There were 3 dogs hyper-active dogs boarding. A German Short-haired Pointer (Holly), a Springer Spaniel (Thomas), and some kind of Terrier of medium size with a furry muzzle (Tramp). The Holly and Thomas recognised me from previous boardings. All kinds of jumping, whining, and happiness. Walking around the edge of the room is a good way of getting them active (and hopefully tired) since they inevitably interact while climbing over one another and proceed to chase each other around the room. Then they wrestle pull each others ears, etc etc. Very effective and entertaining. Pretty typical night once they were in the kennels. Holly bouncing on the chain-link walls whenever I walk by. Thomas sits there wagging his tail rappidly looking awkward. Tramp usually just wagged his tail expectantly.

Sunday I woke late. Went to Caitlin and Lorelai for 10 minutes before departing for The Hitman with Evin and his dad, Brent. Movie ends, book it to Caitlin and Lorelai again for 45 minutes before work.

Doggy Daycare: Four boarding. Holly and Thomas are still there. Then we also got a little chocolate colored Terrier (BamBam) with big pointy ears and a Black Lab (Pam). They were both pretty uneventful and often overshadowed by the hyper sporting dogs. Holly really shined when I brought out a ball. She’s a real leaper, easily able to snatch the ball with my hand at about head level. I’m 6’2″ and she comes up to my lower chest when on hind legs. She could probably jump out of her kennel if she tried. Poor Thomas rarely got the ball Holly was so fast. The lab and terrier had no clue what was going on so they would just come play with me or bark at the two sprinters excitedly. Scrub scrub, mop mop, go home to Caitlin and Lorelai for the night. Lorelai was awake and active, so I played with her until she became disinterested and wanting food.

For Now

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