New news for fun views

The gift of fresh breath – For you or your loved one who hates flossing there’s a new shower attachment for your teeth! That’s right, for just $24.95 you clean your teeth just before washing your face without all the hassle of mirrors, strings, or loosing circulation in your finger tips. Oral irrigation is the way to go!

A poop on history – Some atheist somewhere felt compelled to respond to the Pope’s declaration that atheism has lead to the greatest forms of cruelty and violations of justice. I haven’t found the Popes speech online yet; I’m wondering what historical events the Pope spoke of. He also fore-shamed Christians for focusing so much on individual salvation rather than following the teachings of Jesus who says that the key true Christian hope involves salvation for all (ABC News). Sounds like a Pope-talk: “They’re bad, they always have been. Keep your eye on the ball and you can do better.” It might help to see all of what he said…

While on that note…

Porn for girls by girls – What really turns a girl on! EXTREME CONSIDERATION! Rough Treatment of Belgium Chocolates! Finger massages?? Huh?

Trust me, its safe(and funny) for all ages and modesties.

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